The weekend has arrived once more after a busy week with Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, all chocolate is now on sale, so hurry to the store for some half-priced goodies. In other news, here are some fun things that happened recently: 

Fabulous manatee dresses for the occasion 

One Florida resident has a knack for giving his mailbox some holiday flair. Keith Geil of Winter Park has a manatee-shaped mailbox with a fabulous sense of fashion.

Marley Whitesell recently moved to the town a few months ago and noticed that with each occasion, the manatee donned a new ensemble. 

Geil’s love for Manuel the Manatee has spread all over social media. 

“Some say that they go miles out of their way just to pass by and see how he’s dressed,” Geil told HuffPost

Ohio woman finds lost wedding dress

Three decades ago, Michelle Havrilla dropped her wedding dress off at the dry cleaners and never saw it again. The dress had supposedly been mixed up at the cleaners, put in the wrong box and stored in another family’s attic.

On Feb. 4, Ame Bartlebaugh went looking for her mother’s wedding dress and discovered Michelle’s instead. Bartlebaugh posted about it on Facebook, and within just a few hours, the post reached from Toledo to Lawrence, Kansas, and reunited the dress with its owner. 

Even days after seeing her dress again, Havrilla couldn’t bring herself to put it away again. 

“I’m still in shock,” she told the Akron Beacon Journal. “I never thought I’d see it again.”

Strangers receive Amazon sex toys from unknown source

Amazon customer Nikki ordered mascara online, and received a sex toy instead, according to the Daily Beast

“At first I believed it to be a mistake,” she said.

It was not a mistake, but a prank. Nikki continued to receive packages in the mail of items she had not ordered. Each one didn’t contain a gift receipt or buyer’s name for her to track it. She is not the only one. Whoever is on the inside sending out these erotic items is having too much fun with it. An Amazon spokesperson simply said these packages are “part of some bad behavior that we are investigating.” 


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