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Wait A Minute: The importance of 'Big Mouth'

Go back in time and think about the cartoons that were on the screens of 1970s children. Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Peanuts all come to mind. All these shows are timeless classics that have made generations laugh. Though newer cartoons may not have the charm of these classics, does that make them any less valuable? 

Big Mouth is Netflix’s new “it” show, with a rating of 8.1 on IMDb. The show explores the weirdness and wonder of puberty. From the star-studded cast with the likes of Nick Kroll, Jennifer Flackett and Andrew Goldberg comes a coming of age cartoon unlike most cartoons seen before.

Mixed in with a dark, dirty and sometimes cynical sense of humor is a glimmer of truth. Plot twists such as “girls get horny too” or “the head push” shows a feminine power unlike most stories of puberty, and is quite refreshing. The nerdy and likable characters add a sense of realism, unlike shows that are so far-fetched, like American Dad, South Park or Family Guy. Part of this realism comes from the fact that all the stories told in the show have come from a place of truth. 

The show is like a diary of the voice actors own embarrassing puberty moments. Yes, this show can take things a little far sexually and verbally, but it is aimed to show the voices in your head at thirteen were in everyone’s head at age 13. The point is to make people laugh about the weirdness they went through. 

The most genius part of this show is the hormone monsters. Two “imaginary” monsters who bring out the animal in all of us going through puberty. They represent the horny, confused, emotional and angry side of every child in the state of change. These characters add a unique humor and adult voice to the confusing world of middle school and give us all something to picture when we image puberty. 

The importance of the show is unquestioned as there has never before has a show truly been all about puberty. Puberty is always a subplot of a funny twist in a show or film. The show is all about this awkward time in our lives, and it doesn’t hold back. Every weird first kiss, period or morning wood. This show never holds back, and it is important to show how weird puberty is for everyone.

This show has gotten controversial reviews. People either love it or hate it with a passion. It’s a show one should be open-minded when watching and not have young kids in the room. Some of the things said are offensive or racist. Unfortunately, that is now the way of almost all modern television.

I fear the days of Tom and Jerry comedy is in the past. However, that doesn’t mean these new shows, like Big Mouth, won’t have a lasting impression in our hearts. Everyone can relate to puberty and feeling awkward going through changes, but this show makes it a relatable and humorous topic.

Lauren Sheil is a freshman studying strategic communication at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. What do you think? Let Lauren know by tweeting her @laurensheil101.

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