With the second week of Big Brother in full swing, more drama, gameplay and alliances are formed. With Omarosa in the spotlight for the first to Shannon in the second, it’s proven that anyone can be a target in the game of Celebrity Big Brother. Here’s what you might have missed last week on the CBS show.  

Head of Household and Nominations

The majority of the house, except for Keisha and Omarosa, was in agreement to send Chuck home. Keisha and Omarosa were in disbelief and didn’t know what transpired before the eviction. Luckily, Omarosa and Keisha made a side alliance just in case something was going to happen. After the eviction, Shannon went to Omarosa to do damage control. Omarosa wasn't taking any of Shannon’s bait, knowing that her game would have been better if James went home instead of Chuck. It meant that Omarosa needed to win the next Head of Household to keep Keisha and herself safe another week.

The Head of Household competition was the Bowlerina. Houseguests would have to spin around in order to drop the gate blocking the pins. Then, they had to pick up the bowling balls and try to knock down all four pins before the gate rose again. Whoever knocked down all his or her pins the fastest won the game. Omarosa was the first one to go and lost against Marissa. Omarosa had an asthma attack, causing her to be hospitalized. The game kept going with the last battle being James against Ross. Ross took home the victory and James threw the competition because Shannon said it would be crucial for their alliances, and James wanted Omarosa out anyways.

The houseguests wondered where Omarosa was and if she was going to come back into the game. While wondering if Omarosa was coming back, Ross thought of another nominee to put in her place and decided on Shannon. She had talked to James previously, and the houseguests were realizing she'd been running the house and making side alliance after side alliance. If the opportunity presents itself in the future, it’ll be played a pawn to send Shannon home.

Omarosa came back into the house and didn’t want to talk anyone. When the nomination ceremony began, she didn’t go down without a fight and made sure Ross knew she wasn’t pleased with his decision to send her home. 


The veto competition was called “Now You See It,” and competitors had to answer questions correctly to move on. A billboard presented a picture that showed an assortment of items. The houseguests then had to guess if the items was above, below or equal to the amount of money the host suggested. Before the game began, drama was starting in the house again. Marissa started noticing that Shannon and James were being too friendly, just like Ross did. Marissa told Ross that James and Shannon need to get out of the house ASAP. Ross loved the idea, which would put less blood on his hands. One of them needed to win the Power of Veto to make sure they would have the final say in who goes home. When all was said and done, Marissa took home the victory.

After the veto competition, Marissa and Ross talked about what needed to be for them to move further in the game. They didn’t want to upset the house further and shake up the nominees that were already in place, so they left the votes the same — Omarosa and Keisha were still up on the block for eviction.

Before the eviction ceremony began, Keisha made it clear to Ross and the houseguests that she wanted to go home because her breast milk was depleting, and she needed to be home for her baby. The houseguests grouped together and decided to send Keshia home in a mercy eviction.

HOH Competition/ Nominations (Part 2)

After the drama that ensued because Keisha wanted to go home, the house was left a mess. Shannon was supposed to be evicted, but in Big Brother fashion, the plans always change last minute. The goal of the week is to blindside Shannon, which meant that she couldn't be the upcoming HOH.

The houseguests stepped out into the backyard to see a mini golf course. The golf course has three holes and the main goal is to complete all three in the shortest amount of time. It was a battle of Shannon versus the houseguests. Eventually, Ariana went up and beat Shannon with a time of 2:18.

The question that was left was who to nominate? The house wanted Shannon to go home but was afraid of the damage that might occur. The main consensus was to put up both James and Shannon, which Shannon figured almost instantly because people were ignoring her. Shannon ran to her room and started crying because she thought the game was over for her. James told her to not give up because they have a veto competition coming up and one of them could pull themselves off the block and ensure their safety. During the nomination ceremony, Omarosa traded some words with Shannon about trying to send her home, but Shannon denied the allegations and said it wasn’t just her plan. After the heat finally cooled down, Ariana revealed her nominations, who were Shannon and James.

Veto/Eviction Ceremony (Part 2)

After the nomination ceremony, Shannon went into her room with no motivation to finish the game. She’s always been the best competitor, but she had completely given up. Omarosa went into the room and tried to talk to Shannon, but to no one’s surprise, nothing went smoothly inside that room. Shannon didn’t understand why she was on the block because she was loyal to her alliances. The house believed that Shannon was too powerful in the game and needed to go home.

Before the veto competition started, Omarosa was stirring the pot and trying to start some drama. She told James that Ross and Marissa were gunning after him. James confronted them, but they were just as shocked as he was. Omarosa was brought into the room, and it became clear that Omarosa was stirring the pot.

Afterward, James was brought to the HOH room to discuss his position in the final five alliance with Brandi, Ross, Marissa and Ariana. For the alliance to happen, James would need to ensure his trustworthiness, send Shannon home and not go after the alliances the upcoming week. James said yes, but it wasn’t like he had any other options in play. He thought that in the final five, he would be the first one to go home.

The veto competition, called “Dining in the Dark,” was centered around finding the exit to three different areas in the dark in the shortest amount of time. James won the competition in less than eight minutes. James took himself off the block and Ariana replaced him with Mark. Shannon started dropping bombshells after she knew she was going home by telling James that he needed to split up Ross and Marissa and Ariana and Brandi.

The eviction was against Shannon’s favor, which was 5-1 to send her home. Brandi was the sole vote to evict Mark, which make sense because she felt sorry for Shannon after nominations. Shannon gave her goodbyes and left the house with her head held high. 

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