It’s no secret that college students are busy. They are constantly going out with friends, going to classes, studying and stressing out about everyday life. Sometimes, coming home and turning on a video game console is the release some people might need. Here are four games that are perfect to play in a dorm room with a friend. 

  1. Rocket League

Grab your roommate and forget your problems by driving miniature cars and hitting larger than soccer balls into the opponent's goal. This is the ideal couch co-op experience along with a tournament style exchange in which only one friend will reign supreme. It’s difficult to master but easy to pick up, which is the vital component of every co-op game. 

2. Mario Kart 

It’s basically a classic. Mario Kart is the essence of pick up and play. Play one round, or go through a entire tournament to see who is the best at Rainbow Road. Friendships will break, as with all Mario games, but it won’t matter because everyone will be laughing in the process. Now that Mario Kart is a surplus of Nintendo hardware, anyone and their grandmother has a copy of the racer. 

3. Super Smash Bros. 

Super Smash Bros. has been the introductory fighting game for Nintendo since the N64. Since then, many improvements has increased and strengthened its main gameplay loop — chaos. Similarly to Mario Kart, it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t have a copy of one of the many installments.

4. Rock Band 

The garage band set up has been a dream for many friends, but with the Rock Band series, it doesn’t have to involve a garage or real instruments. Bring the fun of playing as a band into the dorm room by grabbing a few friends and jamming out to classic rock tunes while feeling like a rockstar. 


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