Today is Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. Here’s what you need to know today:

News from The Post:

Romance novels have evolved to include different types of characters. (The Post)

Watch some of these movies to celebrate Valentine’s Day. (The Post)

Some businesses speak out about Starbucks coming to Athens. (The Post)

Good morning,

Facebook has a surprise for all couples official on the social media site. 

The next time you and your partner click the “In a Relationship” feature, a message will automatically pop up and hearts will flood the screen. The person will also be at the top of who is active on Facebook, so you will know every time they log onto the platform. The heart-eyes emoji will also be the designated conversation emoji to celebrate the new relationship. 

The new features were announced just in time for Valentine’s Day, so make it official and start chatting. 

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Athens Weather

Ditch the winter jacket for a rain jacket because there is a 60 percent chance of rain with a high of 54 degrees. (Courtesy of Scalia Lab)

Scores and Game Times.

The swim and dive team is hosting the MAC Championships starting Wednesday. (The Post)

Men’s basketball lost to Toledo on Tuesday, 82-74. (The Post)

The men’s golf team competed in a Florida tournament. (The Post)

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13 Reasons Why author was removed from a book society over harassment allegations. (Slate)

A company is looking to create competition with Taser. (The Verge)

Intel shows the White House knew about Porter investigation. (New York Times)