In the penultimate episode of How to Get Away with Murder’s fourth season, the show laid most of the groundwork for the finale. There were multiple confrontations, and a few secrets were spilled as well. Here are the top five moments from episode 12 of How to Get Away with Murder.

1. Connor recommitted to different parts of his life

Throughout the season, Connor (Jack Falahee) has undergone several changes. At the beginning of this season, Connor failed to attain an internship and dropped out of law school. Then, after he proposed to Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), he was forced to call off the proposal out of fear.

However, Connor has finally started to get his life back on track. After working for Annalise for a few weeks, Connor announced that he will return to law school for the summer and catch up to Asher (Matt McGorry), Laurel (Karla Souza) and Michaela (Aja Naomi King). He also recommitted to Oliver, saying they’ll have to plan a wedding while he’s in law school.

With the season wrapping up, Oliver and Connor are finally in a good place again. There also is the promise of a wedding, which will probably take place next season.

2. Laurel reunited with her baby

Since giving birth, Laurel has not seen her baby because her father basically kidnapped it. Laurel and Annalise were able to work out a deal with the court system, giving her visitation rights with her son. Laurel’s mother also called Laurel’s father multiple times and convinced him to let Laurel visit the baby without anyone there.

Although her father didn’t come, Frank (Charlie Weber) insisted on coming since he was the reason that she went into labor early. Viewers were provided a touching scene as Laurel held her baby and decided to name him Christopher, referencing Wes’s (Alfred Enoch) real name, Kristoff.

3. Frank confronted Laurel’s mother

Last episode, Frank discovered a photo of Laurel’s mother meeting with Wes before he died. In this episode, Frank hacked into Laurel’s mother’s phone to figure out who she called and texted. The only information that he found was multiple calls to Laurel’s father, which ended up being requests for him to leave Laurel alone — or so she says.

In the last moments of the episode, Frank decided to confront Laurel’s mother outright, admitting to hacking her phone and finding nothing. The last shot of the scene showed Frank presenting the picture of her and Wes together and leaving her response as a mystery for the finale.

Viewers have been teased for the last few episodes with information that directly connects Wes, Dominick and Laurel’s mother. It should be no surprise that the mystery will be dissolved in the finale, providing the audience with likely shocking information. Audience members will also be interested in whether Laurel’s mother really worked with Laurel’s father or was genuinely just warning him to stay away.

4. Isaac confessed to Annalise

After the district attorney’s office announced that Isaac (Jimmy Smits) had waited 15 minutes before calling 911 following his daughter’s suicide, Annalise became weary of his story. In this episode, Isaac confessed to her that he had lied about being clean for more than 20 years and that he had still been addicted to pills. Those pills were then taken by his daughter, who overdosed. In a flashback, Isaac found his daughter on the bathroom floor and panicked when he realized what she had done. He texted his wife from his daughter’s phone, implicating that she couldn’t handle the pressure of life anymore and had to commit suicide.

Now that Isaac confessed, Annalise realized that his entire life story to her had been a lie. She also understood the immediate threat of the D.A.’s office and ordered Bonnie (Liza Weil) to get the case thrown out. Bonnie then threatened the D.A. with the damaging voice recording that she took in last week’s episode, which resulted in the case being thrown out.

Annalise and Isaac have always had a complicated relationship and, after seemingly being OK, their relationship has again taken a turn for the worst. Alongside the fighting that occurred, the two showed signs of a potential relationship, making their relationship in the finale a plot point to pay attention to.

5. Annalise attempted to help Nate’s father

The Keating Four and Annalise had agreed to help Nate’s (Billy Brown) father get out of prison. His father explained that he originally was arrested for stealing food and money in order to feed his kids. Once he was released, he violated his parole and ended up back in prison. From there, someone in the prison challenged him to a fight, and he said it ignited him, causing him to kill the man and end up in solitary confinement for an entire year.

When Annalise went to court, she discovered that there wouldn’t be an official hearing and that Nate’s father wouldn’t even get the chance to testify. Instead, the two teams of lawyers would each provide a written brief in lieu of a trial. Annalise wrote a brief about the unfairness of his imprisonment but failed to win his case.

Nate was then forced to tell his father that they lost the case; however, he reassured his father and told him that he would continue to visit with him. The relationship has been a surprising yet important one this season. Michaela also refused to give up on the case and urged Annalise to appeal to a higher court, which will lead to a twisted and eventful finale.

BONUS — Olivia Pope showed up in How to Get Away with Murder

At the end of the episode, Annalise attended a lecture in which Olivia Pope from Scandal was lecturing. The crossover has been teased for weeks on social media, but the addition of Pope’s character into the HTGAWM storyline will surely shake things up in the finale as Annalise and Olivia face off.

This episode proved to be a lot of set-up with no reward. Audiences were treated to a lot of suspense without many answers, so the finale should be filled with answers if it hopes to stick the landing. No matter what, the viewers are guaranteed to be in for an eventful end to the fourth season. 


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