With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, finding the perfect date while in college might be a challenge. Here’s a list of ten fun ways to spend the day of love with those you love while in Athens. 

1. Cardio with Cupid

Spend this Valentine’s Day getting in shape at Ping Center. From 5 to 7 p.m. in the group fitness room,  sample different classes with “Cardio with Cupid.” Have fun while also getting in a good workout.

2.  Dirty Dancing at the Athena Cinema

Watch this classic film at the Athena Cinema, 20 S. Court St., and engage in Baby and Johnny’s love story. Bring a cuddle buddy and enjoy the film, and maybe learn a few dance moves along the way. 

3. Date at the library 

Take a break from classes and spend the afternoon at Alden Library exploring Mr. Hook’s contemporary needlework. Join in on the artistic discussion of craft, commerce and gender for an afternoon date at the library. 

4. Order in 

You can still have a romantic date while enjoying the comfort of your own bed. Grab some take out from Court Street, pick a favorite romantic comedy and relax with your loved one this V-Day. 

5. Slice Night 

The only thing better than Courtside Pizza, 85 N. Court Street, is Courtside Pizza for 50 cents. Swing by and enjoy a delicious Valentine’s Day meal that won’t damage your bank account. 

6. Grab a sweet treat 

Take a stroll down Court Street and pick up a heart-shaped cookie from Insomnia Cookies, 27 N. Court St. Flavors include red velvet and chocolate chunk and will be sure to make your V-Day extra sweet. 

7. Bowling

Bowl your buns off this Valentine’s Day at Rollerbowl Lanes, 28 Palmer St. Grab your boo or a group of friends and enjoy the Wednesday special of $11.95 per person (shoes included). 

8. Coffee and treats

Athens is home to many local coffee shops each with unique personalities, including Court Street Coffee, Donkey Coffee and Espresso, and Brenen’s Coffee Cafe. Enjoy a nice warm latte and take the time to learn more about the one you love. 

9. Casa Nueva’s open stage

Every Wednesday at Casa Nueva, 6 W. State St., is open stage, which is open to all acts, including music, comedy, juggling and any talent you might have. Impress your date this Valentine’s Day and hit the stage to showcase your hidden talent.

10. Indoor Picnic

Picnics are always fun date ideas, so don’t let the cold stop you. Grab a big blanket and some snacks and set up in a common area, and your indoor picnic is complete.



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