After Monday night’s crazy episode of The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. ended up on one knee on “After the Final Rose” and proposed to his runner-up. 

Upon ending his engagement to Becca K., Arie flew to Virginia Beach to talk to Lauren. The showrunner had reached out to Lauren on social media and even had a conversation with her on the phone, which Becca had no knowledge of until after the fact. 

“I feel a little bit like a monster right now,” Arie said about dumping Becca. 

When Lauren opened up the door to see Arie, she was obviously happy to see him, and the feelings were mutual. 

“And now, I really want to marry Lauren,” Arie said.

But he didn’t propose right away. The two of them talked, Arie explained that he was “1000 percent over Becca.” Ouch. That is rough to hear. 

“I think I let the logical part of myself take over the emotional side of myself,” Arie said. “My heart is with you.”

And Lauren forgave him enough to take him back, move to Arizona and even accepted his engagement. 

“I’ve never been more in love with someone,” Lauren said.

Bachelor Nation responded to the surprise that happened on “After the Final Rose:"


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