Every woman that hands out a rose on The Bachelorette is just looking for the love of their life, but the reality show is susceptible to men who are just there to get to the end. No thought goes into the feelings of the bachelorette with some of the men, and that was the case in Monday’s episode. 

On the group date, Jean Blanc told Becca he was falling in love with her. When she said she didn’t feel the same way, he said he didn’t really feel that way and was just saying it because he thought that’s what she wanted to hear. It seems like Becca has a slew of mediocre men. Jordan doesn’t take it seriously, Lincoln has problems of his own, Colton dated one of her friends and David is more interested in Jordan’s shenanigans. After the episode, it seemed pretty clear who could be Becca’s final four. Here’s who could be taking Becca to their hometowns:


Becca is definitely very attracted to Blake, and she took him on the very first one-on-one. The two smashed Becca’s past with sledgehammers to the sounds of Lil Jon. But their journey began before the show even started. 

Blake was the guy on After The Final Rose to tell her she needs to get back on the horse. Blake is a loveable man, and it’s clear Becca has feelings for him. If he’s not in the final four, it is going to be a shock. 


Becca’s affection for Jason came out of nowhere last week. After forgetting his name on a group date, she confessed she has a crush on him. A lot of people have gone far on The Bachelorette by flying under the radar for the majority of the season. 

Jason seems like he would be very loyal and provide a stable foundation for Becca. Their love will blossom when he gets a one-on-one.


Garrett has been a frontrunner since the first episode, and he finally got a one-on-one date this week. It’s easy to see Becca loves being around Garrett. They are able to be goofy together and he brings out her true self.

“Garrett does remind me of home. I feel like my dad is watching me through all of this, and I think Garrett is someone he would like,” Becca said.

It’s known that the man who gets the first impression rose goes far, and there is no difference with Garrett.


Wills is someone else who came out of nowhere. Wills has stayed out of the drama and is very focused on Becca. Becca gave him the second one-on-one of the week. 

The two got to know each other more and found they have a lot in common, especially when it comes to past relationships. Wills has the potential to be the one engaged to Becca at the end of the journey. 

But the one thing that unites all of these men is the fact they know when to keep their mouths shut and stay out of the drama. That should get them far in life. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.



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