It took 635 days for the Cleveland Browns to finally get a win, but the team beat the New York Jets 21-17 on Thursday night. 

After starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor suffered a concussion in the second quarter, Baker Mayfield led the Browns to their first win since December 24, 2016. Mayfield, the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, completed 17 of 23 passes for 201 yards. Though Mayfield didn’t throw or rush for any touchdowns, he did manage the clock very well and made key throws in critical points in the game, including a clutch 29 yard pass to wide receiver Jarvis Landry. 

Thursday’s win came off a crushing overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints. This time around, the Browns didn’t leave the fate of the game to an inexperienced kicker during overtime. Mayfield looked calm, collected and motivated as he marched the Cleveland offense down the field, helping the Browns overcome a 14-0 deficit. Mayfield kept the Browns competitive and made the offense more explosive than Taylor, effectively leading Cleveland to a 21-17 win over the New York Jets.

The Twitter world went on fire once the final result was official, with former players and fans alike going crazy over the Browns’ first win in almost two years. Here are some of those reactions: