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A loose, mini horse-sized pig was lured back to its enclosure with Doritos. (Photo by San Bernardino County Sheriff via Metro)

Fun News Friday: One-eyed cat makes 200-mile journey; pig lured home with bag of Doritos

Homecoming week is a time for celebration. Take a couple minutes to step away from the festivities, unwind and celebrate the end of the week with these fun news stories:


A one-eyed cat made a journey of 220 miles, all while stuck under a truck.

Lucy the cat travelled all the way from Hull, England, to Bristol, England. Once in Bristol, workers at a kitchen distribution depot spotted Lucy under the back of the truck. 

Lucy was microchipped and his owner was able to be contacted. Paul Smith, Lucy’s owner, thought that perhaps the cat had just disappeared for a couple days. Smith began to worry, but it soon subsided after he heard that Lucy was alright. 

See You Later Alligator

A 15-foot alligator in Florida is making a golf course in Palmetto, Florida his new home.

The alligator, nicknamed Chubbs, has been spotted at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course on a couple rare occasions. His most recent spotting fell on Oct. 16. Chubbs is known for frequenting the course’s eighteenth hole and has interrupted both flocks of birds and players alike. While his size has been argued over on Twitter, it is estimated that Chubbs is between 14 and 15 feet long.

Deep Sea Discovery

One of the first U.S Aircraft carriers to be built has been found in the Coral Sea.

The carrier, the U.S.S Lexington, was found about two miles underwater around the eastern coast of Australia. The Lexington was discovered on Monday by the crew of Research Vessel Petrel. The expedition was in the works for around six months and the vessel used to find the Lexington was equipped with subsea instruments that allowed the vessel to travel depths of three and a half miles underwater.

Ice Cream Extravaganza

A parade of 84 ice cream trucks went through the streets of England to set a new world record.

The parade took place in Crewe, England and was arranged by ice cream truck manufacturer Whitby-Morrison. All of the trucks played their signature music during the parade, in which a Guinness World Records representative was at to verify the new record.

The event also served to raise money for St. Luke’s Hospice Cheshire and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London.

Pigging Out

A loose pig in San Bernardino, Calif. was lured back to his house thanks to a bag of Doritos.

Deputy Ponce of the San Bernadino Sheriff’s Office found the pig after it had been reported into the Highland station. Using a bag of Poppin Jalapeño flavored Doritos, Ponce made a trail that led the pig back to its enclosure.

The pig was reported to have been wreaking havoc on the neighborhood and was around the size of a miniature house. The name of the pig is unknown.


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