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‘The Mind of Jake Paul’ premiered Sept. 25 on YouTube. (Photo via @shanedawson on Twitter)

Top 7 Moments from Shane Dawson’s eight-part docuseries ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’

Shane Dawson’s newest documentary series, The Mind of Jake Paul, premiered Sept. 25, and the series recently came to an end when the final episode was uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 18. 

With seven 40 to 50 minute episodes and a finale lasting an a whopping hour and 45 minutes, this series is a commitment. If you have the time, however, it is well worth it. The series focuses on the many aspects of Jake Paul. Dawson touches on his life, friends, and family, even the way he thinks — hence the title The Mind of Jake Paul.

Dawson dives into some deep, dark stuff and the series overall is well-crafted considering it deals with such heavy topics. It is both entertaining and funny, but is also sensitive to the people involved. If you haven’t watched the series yet, or you plan to in the near future, here are the top 7 moments

7. Shane riding in an ATV with Jake 


Screenshot via Sierra Noser

In one scene of the episode called “The World of Jake Paul,” Jake convinces Shane to get into a “suped-up golf cart” as Jake called it. While this was just a fun scene in general, it is also a big part of the series, because Jake and Shane say they trust one another. If you know either of these YouTube stars you know this is not something that is light to them. 

This scene was really fun and helps the audience see the connection and relationship building between the two. However, if you get dizzy easily, I recommend you take precaution when watching this scene. Shane also includes a cautionary warning just before they begin their ride. 

6. The creepy similarities between Nick Crompton and Alissa Violet’s houses


Screenshot via Sierra Noser


Screenshot via Sierra Noser

Another fun scene is when Shane visits Alissa Violet’s house. Like the audience he immediately realizes the creepy similarities between it and the house of Nick Crompton, a guest who appears earlier in the series. This raises questions about where they live, why they are so similar and how they came to live there.

5. Shane relating his own life to Jake’s 


Screenshot via Sierra Noser

This part really stuck out. It is not everyday you hear Shane talk in-depth about his own life, and it is eery how similar Jake and his upbringing were. It is interesting to listen to them relate to one another, because the two would not normally be thought of as similar.

The way their parents raised them and cultivated a work ethic in them seemed to be the same. As well as the way jokes, racial and otherwise, were viewed and taught when they were growing up. This really shaped the way their early careers looked. It also gives a lot of insight as to why Shane is so interested in Jake’s life.

4. Getting real with Erika


Screenshot via Sierra Noser

This scene with Erika Costell is very telling. You learn a lot about Jake and his relationship with her. The conversation is when the audience first starts to see how Jake has changed as a person since he first entered the YouTube world. The scene is effective in making viewers begin to feel some empathy for Jake and see him as a real person. 

The audience also begin to see how Jake and Erika’s lives are changing and realize that they do not want to and won’t live these crazy lives forever. She talks about wanting a normal life and a normal house with Jake in the future.

3. Shane’s reaction to the Paul parents


Screenshot via Sierra Noser

While Shane is researching Jake and his life before he later meets him, he watches videos from and about Jake’s parents. There are many moments when Shane gets emotional during this video. Jake’s parents aren’t typical parents and the audience sees that in this scene. Logan Paul, Jake’s brother, mentions in a video once that his dad “beat the s----” out of him. Shane begins to cry when he says this.

Another emotional scene that happens just a minute or two later is when Shane is watching a video from Pamela Stepnick, Jake’s mom, and he begins to cry again. This time he is crying because he feels bad for Pam and the way all of the Paul men act toward her and treat her. She spends a lot of time making her videos, because she does not get to spend very much time with her kids.

2. Jake talking about his relationship with Alissa Violet 


Screenshot via Sierra Noser

The first time Jake gets emotional and the audience is able to see him for himself, is when Shane asks questions about his relationship with Alissa. He talks about how Alissa slept with his brother and how hard that was for him. He also talks about how that has impacted him as a whole and how he has a lot of trust issues now.

This was one of the best scenes of the series.

1. Jake deleting his Faze Banks abuse allegation video

Finally, the realest moment of the entire series: Jake deletes his video that alleges Faze Banks assaulted his assistant. Jake also admits he was wrong for keeping up the video after the allegations proved to be untrue. 

The series overall was well made and well executed. It is clear that a lot of effort and time was put into it. The series sheds light on Jake Paul’s life and how people can grow and change.


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