Another week, another round of new music to listen to. With much anticipated releases this week, such as The 1975’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships or Meek Mill’s first album since his release from prison, it’s easy to forget about all the other artists who have released music. Here’s some of the latest music releases, from both bigger and lesser known artists, that you may have easily missed this week:

The female artist that should be on everyone’s radar:

Hailing from Boston, Sasha Sloan is a force to be reckoned with. The pop singer/songwriter’s newest EP, Loser, showcases both her delicate vocals as well as her poignant lyricism. The six-track EP touches on topics such as loneliness, the prospect of growing up the naive simplicity of young romance. Though Sloan has been making a name for herself as a musician, the 20-something has also written for a multitude of artists such as Camila Cabello, Kygo and ODESZA. With an upcoming North American headlining tour, now is the perfect time to listen to Sloan’s entire discography, and Loser poses the perfect place to start. 

The Chicago rapper we all love and support:

Seemingly never doing any wrong, resident R&B/hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper released a batch of singles in July. Recently, the Chicago native dropped both “The Man Who Has Everything” and “My Own Thing.” Both fusing piano with Chance’s chasmic rhymes, the two singles are similar yet different. While “My Own Thing,” which features fellow Chicagoan Joey Purp, is easily more upbeat and fun, “The Man Who Has Everything” sees Chance in his prophetic wheelhouse. Showing just how he’s made such a name for himself, both singles standout and are an exciting preface for whatever the rapper has in the works. 

The British rockers that can’t help but make you want to dance: 

Not stranger to upbeat, dance-inducing tracks, British four-piece Circa Waves has churned out music since 2013. Following the high of its 2015 debut and its 2017 sophomore follow-up Different Creatures, the band recently released two singles “Movies” and “Be Somebody Good.” With upbeat tempos, any listener will have to fight the feeling to dance while listening to the singles. “Movies” opens with a catchy guitar riff and is filled with hooks for days, while “Be Somebody Good” takes a dark and but equally rock and roll path. Along with the singles, Circa Waves also announced its third album on Beats 1 Radio which will arrive in April 2019. 


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