In Thursday’s episode of Supernatural, the audience worried along with Team Free Will as Jack’s conditioned worsened. If you couldn’t watch the episode live, here’s what you missed:

Jack is dying 

In the last episode, Jack (Alexander Calvert) coughed up blood and passed out. The episode ended with Dean rushing over, screaming his name. 

This week picked up with Cas (Misha Collins) running an angelic diagnostic over him and coming up empty. It wasn’t until Jack collapsed and started foaming at the mouth that he was rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, there was no definitive diagnosis — everything came back negative.

Rowena (Ruth Connell) performed several spells only to be conclusive that Jack is sick because of the absence of his grace: his cells are pitting themselves against each other.

While Sam (Jared Padalecki), Rowena and Cas made desperate calls to their contacts, Dean (Jensen Ackles) took Jack out to “live;“ Dean convinced Jack to take Baby for a spin and the two finished their “road trip” off with fishing and beer. 

The sickness definitely has something to do with Jack’s lack of grace. Sam managed to track down a Shaman who provided the boys with vintage Gabriel grace and a spell. When the ritual was performed, Jack got even sicker.

It was confirmed by Rowena that Jack is dying.

It’ll be interesting to see how this arc pans out. It could be plausible that the boys will steal grace from Michael (Christian Keyes), which would save Jack from certain death. It’s also plausible that Jack could die because, as we all know, the show isn’t afraid of major character deaths and heartbreak. That situation, if true, would rock the boys’ spirits — and the fans. Calvert has had major character development with the show’s growth, and the killing of his character off would be a loss.

Nick prays to Lucifer

In a separate storyline, Nick (Mark Pellegrino) hunted down the people responsible for his family’s death. After a lot of blood, Nick prayed to Lucifer and begged him to come back. He said he didn’t know himself without Lucifer possessing him. He didn’t want to kill and feel responsible. 

Black goo rose up and formed into a figure, supposedly Lucifer. Red eyes shot open and the scene ended. If Lucifer comes back, which would be odd if he didn’t because there’s solid evidence to support his return, the boys are in trouble. 

During the season finale of last season, Lucifer died. His death was large and sudden, but it seemed definite. However, the show is prone to faking deaths: Gabriel cheated death. So it’s certainly not impossible that Lucifer would come back.  

Dean’s still funky

When Rowena was talking to the boys about Jack’s condition, Dean’s vision swam. The camera acted as Dean’s vision and went out of focus. Dean didn’t make a scene about it, but it could be linked to Michael. This could mean that Michael is possibly still ‘in’ Dean.

If this is the case, Dean could go AWOL again or Sam and Cas could tie ‘Michael’ down, extract grace for Jack and exercise Michael from Dean. That could be the climax of the season.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.