Every year the comedy variety show Saturday Night Live produces its holiday special. The special has appeared since its first season in 1976, and every year the show finds ways to bring creative twists to known holiday traditions. Here are the top 10 holiday special skits from 2006-2018 to bring some hilarity into your holiday this season:

D*** in a Box (2006)

This skit stars SNL cast member Andy Samberg and guest host Justin Timberlake. In the skit, the duo believe they have found the perfect gifts to give to their ladies (Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig). The gift happens to be their d*** in a box. The musical skit proceeds to explain to the ladies why they are giving them the gift, and even explains how to make the gift for all the fellas watching at home. 

Michael Bublé Christmas Duets (2011)

Singer Michael Bublé is famous for his Christmas album, but in the skit, SNL knows Bublé wants to top that album by creating “Michael Bublé Christmas Duets” featuring all sorts of artists from different genres. The skit includes Jimmy Fallon as Justin Bieber and Sting, Wiig as Taylor Swift, Nasim Pedrad as M.I.A. and many other SNL actors portraying famous artists. 

Now That’s What I Call Christmas (2013)

The skit is another hilarious musical featuring SNL actors doing their best interpretations of famous musicians. It features interpretations of Lorde, Bublé, Harry Styles, Shakira, Pitbull, Zooey Deschanel, DMX, Axl Rose, Slash, Andrea Bocelli, Alanis Morissette, Billie Joe Armstrong and even a spoken word verse from Alan Rickman as Professor Severus Snape.

(Do It On My) Twin Bed (2013)

The musical skit features the girl group of Kate, Cecily, Noel, Vanessa, Nasim and Lil’ Baby Aidy. The group is home for the holidays and brought their boyfriends back with them. Just because they’re back in their parents’ home, the song talks about how they still can’t “get a little nasty.” The rest of the song talks about the uncomfortable nature of trying to have sex with your significant other in their childhood room. It also features a great rap from Fallon and awkward childhood photos of the actors. 

Bring It On Down to Wrappinville (2013)

The skit stars Timberlake, Fallon and Aidy Bryant. Bryant plays a woman gift wrapping presents to get proceeds for an ice skating rink at the senior center. Timberlake and Fallon play two guys dressed as wrapping paper and a gift bag who are trying to reel in business at “Wrappinville” for the holiday season and are also Bryant’s competition. The duo tries to intimidate Bryant by rapping, but they all end up trying to work together and calling a truce. 

Serial: The Christmas Surprise (2014) 

The popular podcast Serial hosted by Sarah Koenig is spoofed in the skit, starring Strong as Koenig. It revolves around the mystery of a little boy who receives a gift, but it wasn’t from his mother. From there Koenig investigates the story of Kris Kringle, who she believes to be the man delivering presents to people’s homes. The skit guest stars Amy Adams as the little boy’s mother. 

The Christmas Candle (2016)

The musical themed skit stars Bryant and McKinnon, along with host Emma Stone. The song revolves around a gift that keeps on giving and is always regifted: the christmas candle. It’s a gift for when a person can’t really find the right gift to give, or didn’t know they were supposed to get someone a gift. The christmas candle never goes bad, and can be given to anyone. 

Christmas Miracle (2016)

It was a Christmas miracle when a couple, portrayed by Casey Affleck and Strong, heard footsteps in their living room and investigated, only to find out it was Santa Claus. From there, the two were dragged through this wonderful holiday adventure where they went to the North Pole and had a great time. However, things didn’t work out that great for their friend, portrayed by McKinnon, crashing in their guest room. When she went downstairs to investigate the noises she heard, the couple was already gone, and she was met by a nine foot tall goat man named Crinklemouse. From there, she was dragged on a horrible journey that left her scarred. 

Holiday Jewelry (2017)

The skit is designed to be seen like a commercial, and stars a lot of returning SNL cast members. The commercial tries to show what to get the woman who makes Christmas happen: the wife and mother figure. However, the men are completely oblivious to the fact that not every woman wants a Pandora charm. The commercial highlights the beauty of buying someone a pandora bracelet, so that every holiday they can just buy another charm to put on the bracelet, which requires no real gift-giving effort. 

Best Christmas Ever (2018)

The skit stars Matt Damon and Strong, who play parents unwinding with a glass of wine after a hectic Christmas day and reminiscing over the day’s chaos. The two accurately describe what it’s like to be parents on Christmas, from kids waking them up early in the morning to hosting family members that are difficult to deal with and receiving gifts from the kids that may not be the best. But they pretend to like them anyway. Even with all of the chaos and craziness happening in the day, they still believe it to be the best Christmas ever. “Even when it’s the worst, it’s the best.” 



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