Ugly sweater season is here, and your sweater needs to stand out from the rest. If you’re struggling to come up with a creative idea or just want to try something different, here are some festive ideas to jazz up your sweater and make it one to remember: 

Make your sweater one that everyone has to see by adding a hand mirror to the front. Surround it with elf ears and a hat, and your friends will envision themselves in the North Pole while admiring your creativity. 

Use a clear plastic bowl to transform your sweater into a snowglobe; the possibilities for the contents of your snowglobe are endless. Add some fake snow, jump up and down, and you’ll have a snowy winter wonderland. 

Transform yourself into a walking advent calendar, fill the slots with the judge’s favorite treats and you’ll definitely take first place in any ugly sweater contest. 

Use some tinsel, throw your arms out and turn yourself into a lifesize menorah. Though Hanukkah ended Monday, it’s still a great way to be festive. 

And while you’re at it, spin the dreidel (and sew some onto your sweater, too).

If you celebrate Kwanzaa, add a kinara and its candles to your sweater using felt. 

Save all of your bottle caps from fun nights out on Court Street and transform them into a Christmas tree. Put a bow or a star on top to complete the look. 

Or, find some festive ties and shape them into a tree. Use buttons as ornaments and finish with your choice of tree topper.

Elf yourself and become every child’s favorite Christmas tradition: an Elf on the Shelf

Use a green boa and some felt to channel your inner Grinch. Better yet, wear your sweater to the movies and go see this year’s rendition of The Grinch in theaters.


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