Today is Friday, Dec. 7, 2018. Here’s what you need to know:

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Love showing off your music taste to your friends? A returning feature from spotify has got you covered.

Spotify Wrapped is a feature created by the streaming service that gives users a profile of the music, podcasts and artists they listened to the most throughout 2018.

When you click on it, the site shows you the first song you ever listened to in 2018 and has you guess how many minutes you spent listening to Spotify. It also shows you your top artists, genres, subgenre and songs. It also tells you which astrological sign you listen to the most based on the artists’ sign.

The feature also creates two new playlists catered to you. The first lists your top songs of 2018 and the second is called “Tastebreakers.” This playlist is designed to broaden your horizons by showcasing artists, songs and genres that you may not typically listen to but that you may enjoy.

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News from The Post:

ICYMI: The Post took a look back on 2018. (The Post)

A new independent, nature-based school is opening in Athens County next year. (The Post)

Little Fish Brewing Company will host a holiday event that will include food, craft beer and vinyl records. (The Post)

Scores and Game Times:

Ohio women’s basketball will play Coppin State on Saturday. (The Post)

Athens Weather

Mostly sunny with a high of 34 degrees (Courtesy of Scalia Lab)

You might also want to know…

The arrest of a top Chinese tech company’s executive sent stocks lower as fears over a trade war between China and the U.S. intensifies. (The New York Times)

Former U.S. Attorney General Anthony Barr may get his old job back. (Reuters)

President Donald Trump’s businesses employ undocumented immigrants despite his anti-immigration rhetoric and policy decisions. (The Washington Post)