A lot had been revealed before Steven Universe’s six-month hiatus: Rose (Susan Egan) is Pink Diamond, Ruby (Charlyne Yi) proposed to and married Sapphire (Erica Luttrell) and both Blue (Lisa Hannigan) and Yellow (Patti Lupone) Diamond finally came to Earth. It culminated in a dramatic battle in which Steven (Zach Callison) finally convinced the Diamonds of his past identity. But tonight’s episode, which has been available online through the Cartoon Network app since July, has one of the show’s most anticipated reveals yet.

After seeing Blue and Yellow Diamond in antagonistic roles throughout the series, it is refreshing to see them in more friendly circumstances. At Steven’s insistence, the three attempt to use their combined power to uncorrupt Nephrite (Aparna Nancherla), a Gem who had been transformed into an unintelligent beast when the Diamonds attempted to wipe the planet. They almost bring her back to normal, with Nephrite being able to speak for the first time, but she reverts to her old form the second the Diamonds let go. After Yellow Diamond mentions White Diamond may be able to help, Steven insists that they travel to Homeworld to ask for her help.

Bismuth (Uzo Aduba) decides to stay behind, but Connie (Grace Rolek), Garnet (Estelle), Amethyst (Michaela Dietz) and Pearl (Deedee Magno), along with Steven and the Diamonds, leave planet Earth for Homeworld.

After a hilarious sequence in which the titular “legs” are revealed to be the spaceship the Gems travel in, complete with a gloriously shiny rear end, the Gems and Diamonds alike finally arrive at Homeworld. We are given a scant few seconds to take in its beauty, much like Steven’s previous visit, but the massive crowds of Gems and towering alien infrastructure provide a tantalizing taste of what we will see on Homeworld in the episodes to come.

However, the most exciting reveal in the episode was the long-theorized and anticipated confirmation and subsequent reveal of White Diamond (Christine Ebersole). She is introduced by White Pearl (Ebersole), who looks like she was badly abused. White Diamond meets Steven alone, and while she acts like a caring mother on the surface, it doesn’t take much to see something sinister beneath. Contributing to this is her animation, with minimalist facial features surrounded by a blinding white haze. After not even a full minute of White Diamond on screen, we don’t yet know exactly who she is or what she wants, but we do know one thing: She is terrifying in a way no other villain in Steven Universe has been.

Steven Universe has been full of mind-shattering reveals lately, and as the series reaches its season finale, there is no reason to expect these reveals to stop. As many answers as fans have received with recent episodes, there have been even more questions that come in their place. “Legs from Here to Homeworld” keeps that momentum going, providing much-needed setup for something truly spectacular.

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