In Thursday’s episode of Supernatural, fans couldn’t contain themselves the last ten minutes. Supernatural hasn’t been a stranger to cliffhanger endings. The midseason premiere was no exception. If you couldn’t watch the episode live, here’s what you missed:

Michael was in the cage in Dean’s mind

In the last episode, Michael (Felisha Terrell) started ordering his monsters to wipe out the town. In a struggle, Michael possessed Dean (Jensen Ackles) once again and snapped the spear in half so it couldn’t be used against him.

This week picked up with where the previous episode left off. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Cas (Misha Collins) managed to trap Michael in archangelic handcuffs. Back at the bunker, Sam made plans to go inside Dean’s mind and convince him to rid of Michael from the inside out. The writers explored this option in Season 10 when Sam was possessed by Gadreel (Tahmoh Penikett) and in Season 12 when Mary (Samantha Smith) was brainwashed by the Men of Letters. 

When Sam, Cas and Michael ventured into Dean’s brain, Jack (Alexander Calvert) was tasked with keeping an eye on them and watching the bunker. Before the science experiment had stated, Michael had ordered that all the monsters head east toward the bunker. Super.

Michael had created a wall in Dean’s mind to keep him quiet. In the realm, Dean and Pamela Barnes (Traci Dinwiddie), the psychic who was killed in Season 5, lived a happy life. They operated Rocky’s bar, but it was the same loop of events. Occasionally, Dean would get deja vu. When Sam and Cas showed up and updated him to Pamela, Sam said “poughkeepsie,” their “drop everything and go” word, and it all came crashing down. Dean remembered everything. 

Michael materialized and because it was Dean’s mind, Michael had no rule and jurisdiction to kill them. Dean locked Michael in a freezer decided that it would hold. It would serve as the cage. And just like that, Dean’s Dean again. Who knows if it’ll stick?

All but one of Dean’s deaths were rewritten 

When the team was trapped in the hotel, Sam called out for Jessica, the reaper that was assigned to Dean. Sam pleaded with her to teleport them to safety. We find out later that Billie (Lisa Berry), also known as Death, made the decision to poof them to the bunker. When Dean is himself later on, Billie informed him that because he switched worlds, his deaths ended the same way: Michael escaping from Dean’s mind and then burning down Earth — all but one. Billie handed Dean the one ending, he read it with horror on his face and just like that the episode ended. How rude.

The 300th episode will feature Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester. The promo pictures show the whole family: John, Mary, Sam and Dean so fans can take a sigh of relief that death isn’t next-episode-near. 

Jack used his powers

When Sam, Cas and Dean were in the thick of Dean’s mind, the hunters rushed back to the bunker right before the monsters ambushed it. As hunters were putting up a fight and losing, Jack stood to the side and felt helpless. Finally, he roared and used his powers to melt the monsters away, no joke. Cas gave him a firm talking to about saving his powers because that saves his soul.

The repossession and removal of Michael is not a shocker considering the hype he had over the midseason finale. Ackles has surely extended his character depth. It was different and a little unsettling to see Dean happy in a bar. There was also subtle promotion for Ackles’ family brewery, The Family Business Beer Company through the beer tap handles. 

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