Every season of The Bachelor showcases at least one contestant whose name everyone immediately knows, and Demi quickly established herself as that girl. She hit the ground running with her million-dollar remark, “I haven’t dated a virgin since I was 12,” and hasn’t stopped since. 

During week two, she secured not one but TWO kisses from the bachelor, dared to touch the group date rose before given out, and even caused some water works prior to the Final Rose ceremony. Although we hope each contestant comes equipped with the unofficial rules of simple social etiquette on The Bachelor, this is certainly not the case with this soon-to-be villian of Colton’s season. 

First Comes...A Smooch?

The first group date was storytime — which opened up the perfect chance to be vulnerable and personal in front of Colton. While Hannah G talked about the most significant rose she ever received and Bri shared the first time she ever felt comfortable in her own skin, Demi had other tricks up her sleeve. 

She rose to the mic and shared a story of a boy she really wanted to kiss at a party. “I had to tell myself, ‘I’m not waiting any longer.’ When I want something I’m going after it,” she told the audience. 

Within the same moment, she took full control of her bold moment and jumped off the stage to kiss Colton — who honestly looked petrified. 

Demi ended her story by describing it as “the story of how I got the group rose.”

She’s so brave. 

The Group Date Rose 

After the group date, the contestants meet again for the evening cocktail party. Who was ruthless enough to steal Colton away first? You guessed it: Demi. 

She manages to kiss the bachelor yet again. During this time, the other women take the opportunity to expose their own displeasure about the kiss no one saw coming.

Demi amps up the tension higher by touching the group rose before it is given out — a big Bachelor no-no. After confidently claiming the prize to be rightfully hers, Colton gives the rose to Elyse. Thank god.

The “Fantasy Closet”

Just when you thought things couldn't possibly get worse, Demi does the unthinkable. Being the confidence queen she prides herself to be, the contestant revealed herself in a bathrobe, interrupted Colton’s conversation with Tracey, and stole him away to the “Fantasy Closet” (whatever that means).

The women were furious and suspected Demi is plotting to steal Colton’s holy, sacred, divine V-card.

She Doesn’t Care.

At the end of the episode, Demi’s role as a villain is solidified by the mischievous and suspenseful music that overshadows her every move. 

After having Colton stolen away from their private conversation, Tracey storms upstairs in tears. Women who watch the event unfold confront Demi and scold her for her selfish behavior. Surprise, she doesn’t care! 

“The second I walk downstairs the girls were like, ‘Do you know what you did to Tracey?’ And I’m like ‘No, I actually have no idea what I did to her’...because I wasn’t thinking about Tracey for half a second,” she confesses in private interview. 

She hammers her lack of remorse one last time with her five-star apology, “You just keep doing you.”

Early on, Demi has become the villain. Bad news, she’s probably sticking around.



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