Indie-pop singer Betty Who just wrapped up her supporting leg of Panic! At The Disco’s Pray for the Wicked Tour — a career highpoint — when she released her third full-length LP, Betty, on Friday.

The record is full of emotional yet perky dance-pop singalongs. On Betty, the 27-year-old Sydney, Australia, native takes a step back from her alternative roots and dives head-first into a side of her sound that is remnant of ‘80s pop.

“Whisper,” is one of the catchiest tracks on Betty, with dreamy backing instrumentals, an electronic, piano-infused chorus and the most simplistic lyrics the record offers.

Starting off the latter half of the album, “Between You & Me” gives the record more depth. Probably the most well-assembled track, it manages to be annoyingly catchy yet simultaneously chill. The same acoustic chords are strummed throughout the track, and only a slight additional touch of production comes into play in the chorus. This track is the most impressive on the record because it takes Who out of her comfort zone of old-school-meets-modern dance pop, but she still maintains her signature edge. The track is a lust song, which is a nice addition to the emotionally-charged record.

“I Remember” is the highlight of the long list of breakup songs on the record. The stripped-down introduction leads into a full-out disco of a chorus. With jazzy percussion persisting through the rest of the track, the song makes it impossible to not tap your foot as Who mourns the loss of a love that she thought she’d never lose.

Feeling more like a Top 40 song than anything else on Betty, “Taste” is a bit more mainstream but Who still makes it her own. The empowering female anthem paints Who as a love addict that throws out her conquests when she gets bored. The track shows off her vocals over typical modern pop production that’s just a bit on the darker side. Ultimately, the track shows Who’s fierce attitude and boastful personality.

While Betty is missing a charming indie masterpiece like 2017’s “Blue Heaven Midnight Crush,” it makes up for it with raw, toned down lyrical triumphs like “Stop Thinking About You.” “Stop Thinking About You” is a relatable chronicle of not being able to get somebody off your mind. Who’s softer side is on display in this closing track, and it’s the perfect way to wrap the record — leaving listeners eager for more.

The record as a whole is honest and soul-baring. Whether Who is exploring her pitfalls as a lover or the peaks of relationships, she sings exactly what she’s thinking. Betty has allowed Who to show that she has grown as a songwriter. With her latest release, Who has not only diversified her catalogue but also avoided becoming just another pop star.


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