On Feb. 18, the U.S. celebrates a grand, lesser-known, holiday — National Drink Wine Day.

This year, that blessed day falls on a Monday, but that shouldn’t stop people from celebrating the love and health benefits of wine to the fullest. Neither should a small budget. Here are five of the best cheap wines, with prices included, to indulge in for National Drink Wine Day:

Barefoot Pink Moscato — $6

The supreme queen of cheap wines. ‘Nuff said.

Winking Owl Pinot Grigio — $3

Yes, you read that price right. And if you haven’t bought wine from Aldi yet, reevaluate your choices and hit up the discount supermarket today. Even the smallest of budgets can allow for some Winking Owl.

Franzia Cabernet Sauvignon — $19 for 5 L

If you plan on throwing an impromptu Wine Day party, consider the classic boxed wine to share with your friends. For less than $20, you’ll have plenty of this rich red blend to share.

Yellow Tail Chardonnay — $7

This Australian brand of wine can be likely found at your local gas station for the price of a Chipotle burrito. It may be cheap, but you can still feel like a classy, divorced housewife simply by telling people you are drinking chardonnay.

Dark Horse Rosé — $9

Rosé all day. Class it up but stay on budget with the millennial pink of wines while enjoying this week’s episode of The Bachelor with your lady friends.



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