Lately, it seems there’s been a bit of a Netflix drought, for me anyway. I go on and scroll through a little bit, then ultimately end up watching videos that are on the deep levels of YouTube no human should ever find themselves in. Whether it’s because I’ve watched all there is to watch (a sad fact of my life if it’s true) or Netflix just hasn’t pumped anything too spectacular out lately, I’ve just been at loss of what to do with the free time I try to convince myself I have.

However, in my desperate search for something to watch, I did end up coming across the long list of comedy specials I’ve viewed on the streaming platform. There, I discovered a new one from one of my all time favorites: Gabriel Iglesias, One Size Fits All. Fluffy’s newest special was everything I’ve come to expect from the comedian. The voices, the stories (some recurring for long-time fans) and the aura of just absolute hilarity that the man brings with him everywhere he goes were all on point. Even his ability to improv on the spot when people shout out from the crowd really demonstrate his talent as a comedian.

One of the coolest bits of the whole special was when he decided to tell some of his older jokes and the crowd finished them for him. There’s something incredible in seeing how far Iglesias has come, and you can’t help but smile whenever you see him in these moments. Even more amazing is how humble he’s remained, showcased when he thanked his first two fans who he flew out to see the taping of the show.

This refreshment to my Netflix drought problem ended up offering me an even bigger solution. I began to realize the sheer volume of comedy specials to be found. Even though I had already enjoyed many before, it didn’t hit me until Fluffy himself saved me, that the genre really is an overlooked gem on a streaming service that has so much to offer.

People are always raving about the movies or the teen dramas that try way too hard (*cough* Riverdale *cough*), but Netflix comedy specials have so much to offer. If you’re bored, feeling down from a long day or just need to unwind from the constant plague of stress, comedy specials offer an escape. They can pass the time. They can make you feel good and get some good belly laughs out of you. They can even be put on in the background. Aside from some recurring one-liners, most don’t have to be constantly paid attention to. Your favorite comedian can just be streamed and act as a comforting background to whatever you may be doing. Plus it can save you from listening to the same music you’ve had on repeat since the beginning of the year.

Netflix seems to have a never-ending list of names, from the greats to the lesser-known, for viewers to watch. Some of my personal favorites are Kevin Hart, Bert Kreischer (The Machine), Sebastian Maniscalco and Jeff Dunham — who doesn’t need a dose of naughty puppets in their life every now and then?

In fact, I’ve even gotten to the point where I’m now rooting for comedians who don’t have a Netflix special to get one. At the top of my list is Preacher Lawson, a finalist from the 12th season of America’s Got Talent. He really found his voice and presence after the show, and I’d highly recommend checking him out on YouTube (not in the weird places, obviously). He’s a face I hope to see on the platform soon.

The great thing about comedians is that they all bring unique perspectives and backgrounds to the table. Each one has their own specific niche field of comedy, and it’s really intriguing to explore. You can discover something new with every single one, and never have to expect the same jokes or formats. They’re refreshing by nature, and offer some alleviation to those that don’t want to add complex shows to their already complex and stressful lives.

So whether you’re struggling to find something to waste your weekend away or really need an escape from the workload you’ve been eyeing all week, take some time to watch a comedy special. Watch someone you know and love, or find a new face who seems interesting. Netflix always seems to be updating this list of underrated gold. There’s so much versatility and so many laughs to be found. 

Jackson Horvat is a freshman studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Whats your favorite comedy special on Netflix? Tell Jackson by tweeting him at @horvatjackson.

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