As week five of the Spring Semester comes to a close, it more than possible that some students are in a bit of a slump. With spring break in sight but too far out to get excited for and the brunt of classes starting to take toll, the week has been a tough one. But don’t fret — New Music Friday is here to bless us all and deliver some great new tracks to listen to. Here are some of the highlights from the week’s releases: 

The one with not one, but three big names on it

“11 Minutes” has more than just one popular artist on it — it has three. Released by British rock musician Yungblud, the pop-rock anthem features the ever-so-popular Halsey along with blink-182’s Travis Barker. It’s catchy, anthemic and has big names on the bill so it’s more than certain to be a radio hit. When speaking on the song, Yungblud described it as telling “the story of a perfect tragedy that reflects modern love within our society.” 

Who doesn’t love a bit of political twang?

Gaining both an Oscar and Golden Globe for his work with 2009’s Crazy Heart, Americana singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham has kept busy with television and film but still has found the time to record music. His latest album, American Love Song, is raw and vulnerable and borders on a mix of Bruce Springsteen with the folksiness of Bob Dylan. 

Highlights off the album include “Wolves” and the stripped-back “Beautiful and Kind.” Bingham took some risks on the album and even touches on topics such as politics and more specifically border issues. Folk music has always been regarded for its storytelling qualities and Bingham’s album is a sign of the times today.  

It’s time to get emo around Valentine’s Day

Matthew Musto, better known as blackbear, is no stranger to catchy tunes. With the viral sensations “do re mi” and “Idfc,” he’s established himself as a staple R&B influenced singer-songwriter. His latest release, “1 SIDED LOVE,” is a bit stripped back compared to his usual songs, but the heartbreaking song is masked with a snappy beat. The song is set to appear on his upcoming album, ANONYMOUS. It’s sad, catchy and was perfectly released on Valentine’s Day.