In Thursday’s episode of Supernatural, fans had their tissues ready for an emotional rollercoaster. If you couldn’t watch the episode live, here’s what you missed:

Sam and Dean had a salt n’ burn on their hands

In the last episode, Sam (Jared PadaleckI) convinced Dean (Jensen Ackles) to hold off his suicide mission. 

This week’s episode, which marks the 300th episode, eases off on Michael’s plot arc. The episode picked up with Sam and Dean killing a pawn shop dealer who stole old artifacts and occult objects from hunters. The boys took the objects under their wing, but before they could make it back it to the bunker, a teen stole Baby. In a goose chase, the boys tracked down the teen, Max, to a party. The objects were laid out, but more specifically John Wayne Gacy’s cigar box. Sam burned the box quickly and just like that, Baby was safe and sound. 

Dean wished for John to be alive

One of the objects was a pearl, one of eight ancient Chinese artifacts, that granted you what your heart desired. Dean wanted to wish for Michael (Jensen Ackles) to leave his mind, but what he actually wished for was John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), to come back from the dead. John died in the first episode of the second season. He sold his soul to Azazel (Fredric Lehne) to save Dean.

When John jumped timelines, it caused a temporal paradox, where time is self-correcting. In this timeline, Dean was wanted for assault, murder and credit card fraud, Sam was internet famous as a Steve Jobs-type figure and Cas (Misha Collins) was glued to Zachariah’s (Kurt Fuller) hip. Sam and Dean are forced to fix the paradox before they become the alternate versions of themselves. 

The Winchester family has one last dinner. 

Before Sam smashed the pearl, some goodbyes are in order. Sam reaffirmed to his dad that he now knew that John did his best. John told Dean that he never meant hunting to go this far for him and that he was proud. John told Mary he loved her every day. Just tears everywhere. 

There were nuggets of Supernatural humor

The writers weren’t scared to place easter eggs throughout the episode highlighting the series’ top moments. When Sam and Dean walked into the alcohol shop, there was a Family Beer Company logo poster on the wall. When Cas walked into the pizza shop, season six, episode one is referenced where Cas watched a pornographic film involving a pizza delivery man. When Cas introduced himself as an angel of the Lord and the lights burst, season four, episode one is reference where Cas first appears in the series. 

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