Don’t fret rose lovers, the infamous fence jump is almost here. With only one episode away from meeting the families of his final four bachelorettes, the drama is at its absolute peak. The girls are ganging up, the rumors are spreading like wildfires and Colton’s heart is on the line. Just like that, this season of The Bachelor is no longer a reality TV show but an elaborate soap opera with no boundaries. Week seven opened with past rumors, after Demi, Sydney and Katie gave the bachelor warning signs about the intentions of the remaining women in the house. Here’s what you may have missed during week seven on The Bachelor

Tayshia spills the tea

Episode six ended on a questionable note as Tayshia and Kirpa threw major shade at a few of the remaining contestants. On their one-on-one, Colton decides to questions Tayshia about the shifty rumors circulating the house.

The tea was already steeping...and Tayshia spilled it everywhere. 

Sure enough, she hurled Cassie and Caelynn right under the bus stating, “Cassie and Caelynn aren't genuine. … They’re already talking about being the next Bachelorette and they also have said that they don’t think they’re going to be ready get engaged at the end of this.”

Despite his hesitations, Colton eats up her honesty and she scores the hometown rose. 

Hannah Alabama meets the parents 

Although Colton reveals he’s “not quite there” with Hannah B., he still manages to bring her home to meet his folks. Seven weeks into the “journey,” the couple clearly lacks chemistry as their interactions are mostly filled with awkward silences and tainted by weeks of petty drama. 

After confiding in his parents advice, Colton realizes he’s not on the same page, saying “he can't meet her parents knowing he has doubts in their relationship.”

Although eliminated, she leaves with her head held high and noteworthy last words stating, “The desire in my heart is to be loved so fearlessly by somebody. I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day, and I’ll wait ‘till whenever that is.”

The Four-On-One Date Showdown

Things get bumpy in the Rocky Mountains as Cassie, Hannah G., Heather and Kirpa gather for the four-on-one date. The problem? There are only two roses.

Colton has tough choices to make regarding the rumors, but his job gets a little easier when Totally Been Kissed Heather decides she’s totally not ready for marriage. 

“Right now, I just don’t think that it’s fair to you to take you to my hometown,” she states with cold feet. With three women left, Kirpa is left against two frontrunners.

In her last-ditch effort, Kirpa brings the claws out to tear Cassie’s reputation apart. Not only does she tell Colton she heard Katie talking about her, but also agrees she is not here for marriage. 

Poor Cassie breaks down to tears, stating she feels “helpless” in all the lies, unable to defend her word. 

After a surprise entrance, Caelynn crashes the date in efforts to defend Cassie’s character and provide “all the facts” before making his big decision. 

Kirpa did put up a good fight and managed to get more screen time than she has the entire season. But it wasn’t enough at the end of the night, as Colton turns to Cassie and confidently asks, “Will you accept this rose?”

Hannah G, Cassie, Tayshia, and Caelynn make the final four and will continue the journey next week during hometowns.


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