With midterms here and wreaking havoc, I really haven’t had much time to truly binge-watch. Instead of being lazy, I’ve actually had to, you know, do real work (as horrifying as that sounds). I didn’t realize how binge-watching doesn’t always entail a date with Netflix or the theatre. In fact, amidst all the homework and study sheets, my savior has been YouTube. Since it’s more short-form, one-off watching experiences, many people often overlook the platform as a viable medium to watch meaningful, and not so meaningful, shows for hours on end.

In reality, it has a lot to offer, especially in the state it is today. There are so many creators, so many different types of content to find and so many things to take your mind off the chaos of life. A group that’s a personal favorite of mine are The Try Guys.

After starting at BuzzFeed as a group of four guys who basically were up for the weirdest videos, they recently left the multimedia giant and started their own independent company. It really was one of the best things they could’ve done. At BuzzFeed, they always put out some of the best content, but they always felt a bit constrained. Whether it was because of the company’s deadlines or control, the guys just didn’t seem to be living up to their full potential.

Now independent, as crazy of a move as that was to take, they’re really making an even bigger name for themselves. They seem happier, more creative and more ambitious than ever. As opposed to the long breaks we had in between videos at BuzzFeed, they’re now releasing two or more videos a week. And they’re not rushed by any means — each is innovative and as funny as ever.

They’re making new, consistent series, such as “Eat the Menu,” “Rank King,” and my personal favorite, “The Barkchshler.” And they’re making new videos that maybe could spin off into series. Some of my personal favorites so far have been the ones in which they put their own, unique spins on YouTube favorites like ASMR, eating challenges and their very own YouTube Rewind.

They also made it clear from the start of the channel that they’re trying to create something bigger than anyone could ever imagine, including new channels and even multimedia spanning programs. And that ambition is paying off, as they’re currently on track to, hopefully one day, become even bigger than BuzzFeed.

What they sought out to do, and are executing with immense success so far, is truly amazing. Especially when one of them was building a new house and having a baby while the whole starting a company thing went down. Many people and online creators have left BuzzFeed, without really finding their footing on their own. The Try Guys have not only found their footing, but have laid the groundwork for something truly amazing.

Just shortly into their independency and they’ve accomplished so much. They’ve passed five million subscribers, they’ve hosted The Streamys, they’ve written a book that’s soon to be released and they’ve launched a merchandise line. Their experience in the industry shows and they’re proving that they know what they’re doing. It really is awesome to see a group you love so much go off on their own and do so well. They’ve grown from an awkward little quartet to a family with loved ones and friends who they’ve brought along for the ride of independence.

Now unrestrained by the company, the goal and message of the guys is more clear than ever. Yes, they’re trying to be funny and entertaining. But the whole idea of The Try Guys is to, well, try. Try new things, try new experiences, try lifestyles you’re not accustomed to. While they may be the types of guys to try on childhood-ruining Halloween costumes, they’re also the types of guys to do a whole series on motherhood, or fatherhood, or the dangers of driving under the influence. They seek to entertain but they also seek to educate and inspire.

Not to mention they all offer unique viewpoints and perspectives. You never know what you’re going to get from their videos and there really is something for everyone. If you need to laugh, they got you covered. If you need to cry, they got you covered. If you need to just kick back and forget the world, they have got you covered.

So, no, I really haven’t had much time to binge-watch in the traditional sense. But YouTube gives way for amazing content creators like The Try Guys, who really offer nice little breaks from reality, and give you the sense that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and do a little hard work. So go get some laughs. Go get some messages and breaks. Go and give The Try Guys a try.

Jackson Horvat is a freshman studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Do you agree? Tell Jackson by tweeting him at @horvatjackson.

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