Everyone gets mad when their car gets scratched, but some can be more severe than others.

The Athens County Sheriff’s Department responded to Lexington Avenue in Chauncey for a possible property damage report Sunday. 

The woman said her car had been scratched. Once deputies arrived, they were shown a 1-inch scratch on the side of the vehicle. The caller said she did not know when or how the scratch had appeared or who could be responsible. 

Without any evidence of a criminal act occurring, there was nothing that could be done. Deputies told her to update them if any new evidence can be presented indicating an actual crime or investigative leads.

HR issues

Ohio University Police Department officers observed a man lying in the grass in front of the Human Resources Building on Friday. 

The student was unsure of his whereabouts and was unsteady on his feet. He had bloodshot eyes, was slurring his speech and smelled of alcohol. He was arrested for disorderly conduct by intoxication and was transported to Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail, pending his sobriety. 

Trash talking

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to Hudnell Road area Friday for a report of a missing trash can. 

The trash can was found at the neighbors residence. The can was placed at the end of the driveway for the owner to retrieve. A report was taken.

Dubble bubble

The sheriff’s office received a report of possible suspicious activity near a residence in Chauncey on Sunday. 

The caller said their dog was barking. When they walked it outside, the dog quit barking and began sniffing the air. The caller said they could smell cotton candy or bubblegum. Deputies patrolled the area for suspicious activity but did not find any at that time.  

Pig on the wing

The sheriff’s office responded to Baker Road in Athens on Sunday in reference to a pot-bellied pig being in the complainant’s yard. 

Upon arriving in the area, it was patrolled, but the pig could not be located. 

Just redecorating

The sheriff’s office responded to an Upper River Road residence on March 13 regarding items on the porch being moved. 

The caller said shelves had been moved from the porch to their yard. No items were missing or damaged.

Vroom vroom

The sheriff’s office responded to Porter Lane for a report of a neighbor revving a vehicle in the roadway March 14. 

When deputies spoke to the neighbor, he was in his own driveway and explained that he had been working on the vehicle. No criminal activity had occurred, and deputies returned to patrol. 

Prowler? I barely know her

The sheriff’s office responded to Spreading Oaks Trailer Park on Friday for a report of a prowler knocking on a window of a residence. 

The deputy patrolling did not locate any prowlers in the area, and the case was closed.

You’re fired

The sheriff’s office responded to a State Route 144 jobsite where a security camera was taken from the foreman’s trailer on Saturday. 

The foreman said the possible suspect is an employee that had been fired a few days prior. The case is under investigation. 

Dirty hands

The sheriff’s office received a report of a missing dirt bike at Ten Spot Road in Nelsonville on March 14. 

The man said someone had broken into his shed and stole the dirt bike. The case is under investigation. 

Farmers only

The sheriff’s office responded to Fisher Road for a report of stolen farm equipment March 13. 

Deputies spoke with the complainant, who said multiple items were taken within the last few weeks. The case is pending further investigation.