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A fest goer looks up to have someone pour beer down to him at Palmer Place Fest on April 13.

7 Craigslist items to elevate your fest experience

If you’re a fest season veteran, then you’re no stranger to watching hammered college students lug wacky props around the streets of Athens and flaunt them with drunken pride. Props are the best way to enhance fest season, and if you’re looking to kick it up a notch this year, look no further than Craigslist. The archaic classified ad website still has a strong presence in Southeast Ohio, and it’s chock full of ridiculous objects that can easily become “conversation pieces” at any of the 2019 fests. Here are the seven most absurd Southeast Ohio Craigslist ads that can help take your fest season experience to another level. Yes, all of these are real:

A hot tub

Having a hot tub in your front yard would instantly make your house the coolest on the street. The weather is going to be chilly Saturday for Mill Fest, so it will be especially useful this weekend. Another plus? It’s only $30. Please don’t put the hot tub in the dorms, though — it’s against the rules.


We’ve seen puppies and horses at fest season, so why not snakes? Someone in Hamden is giving away around a dozen black boas — no joke. You better hurry, though. The seller needs to get them out of his house before his wife finds out.

This “very nice” crock

If you’re looking for a vessel to guzzle alcohol from, consider purchasing this crock. The seller claims “it is a very nice crock,” even though $15 might be a little steep. It’s also kind of ugly.

A creepy Barbie

This 40-inch tall Barbie will definitely turn some heads. If one of your friends gets drunk enough, maybe you can convince them the doll is an actual person. It sounds strange, but weirder things have happened during fest season.

A pool table

OK, forget what we said about the hot tub — having a pool table in your front yard is much cooler. For $50, this pool table isn’t a bad deal. Sticks and balls are included, in case you were wondering.

Hand molds

Although these hand molds are supposed to be used for gloves, we’re confident an OU student can find a more creative use for them. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when you high-five them with one of these instead of your actual hand. With enough maneuvering, you might able to get the hand mold to hold your drink, too.

This bunny

Having a cute fluffy bunny will help you make a lot of new friends during fest season. Just don’t get the bunny and the snakes. That’s a bad combo.


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