Stranger Things released a new trailer for its third season, and it’s leaving audiences with one thought: Things are definitely getting stranger this season.

If for nothing else, the strange aspect comes from how normal everything seems for the majority of the trailer. Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) is home from summer camp, and the whole gang is there waiting for him with a prank. From there, scenes of the returning characters from previous seasons are shown — Billy (Dacre Montgomery) is a lifeguard, Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Nancy (Natalia Dyer) are shown in the Hawkins Post building, and a new female friendship between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Max (Sadie Sink) has formed. 

But it wouldn’t be Stranger Things without some chilling and cliffhanging moments. 

The trailer perfectly accomplishes the goal of getting audiences excited for the new season. However, the most impressive aspect is the nostalgic childhood summer feeling mixed with the eerie elements Stranger Things is known for. Between returning friendships like Dustin and Steve (Joe Keery)’s, summer clips of the gang going to the movies, the mall and a carnival, the trailer is jammed packed with fun. But with clips of Eleven’s inner journey to the Upside Down, the classic thundering red sky and paranormal creatures the audience hasn’t even been introduced to yet, it no surprise that evil is lurking. 

And then Cary Elwes shows up for a first look at a new character this season, Mayor Larry Kline.

In addition to the season premiere, Nintendo has announced a new Stranger Things 3 game to be released on the Switch the same day as the third season.

Through a final collage of fast-paced scenes from the upcoming season viewers get a taste of ‘80s music along with the signature Stranger Things synth sounds. With all the scenes including the return of old characters and the introduction of new characters, the trailer proved that one summer can change everything.

Here’s how audiences reacted on Twitter:

Stranger Things 3 will premiere on Netflix on July 4.