This is not a drill, rose lovers: Colton Underwood has jumped the fence. 

A stunning twist of events — a first in Bachelor history — causes a breakdown that no one saw coming. 

After nine weeks of following his heart, trusting his intuition and making a series of tough decisions, the Bachelor narrowed down his final three: Tayshia, Cassie and Hannah G. The remaining contestants reunite for Fantasy Suites in Portugal, where they won’t all be getting an overnight date. Underwood makes a shocking decision to confess his overall love to Cassie. However, this move does not go as planned — resulting in tears, betrayal and a speechless ending. Just a week shy to ending of his long journey, the Bachelor is experiencing his greatest nightmare thus far: unrequited love. 

Brace yourself, Bachelor Nation. This one hurts. 

Here’s the highlight moments you may have missed during Fantasy Suites on The Bachelor:

Fantasy Suite with Tayshia

Taysia snags date No. 1. During the daytime portion of the date, the couple takes a helicopter ride to Cape St. Vincent. In midst of the gorgeous views, Colton reveals he’s “falling for Taysia.” Per usual, Colton’s virginity becomes the main focal point of conversation. The Bachelor jokes about his lack of sexual experience stating, “I’m not very flexible. … It’s probably because I’m a virgin.” 

As night approaches, things get spicy when Taysia has a not-so-subtle nip slip and confesses she’s “ready to take that next step with Colton.” The two retire to the hotel room, where the magic did not happen. “I could pick up on how nervous he was. I want to be supportive and not influence him in any way,” Tayshia says. She puts on a brave face but she was clearly disappointed. 

Obviously, Colton’s true feelings were...elsewhere. 

Cassie blindsides Colton

Date No.2 goes to Cassie. The couple spends its day sipping espresso, chowing down on pasties and having some cheeky makeouts in the alleyways.

Although the connection is described to be “easy” and without “red flags,” tension still lingers as Cassie STILL has no idea how she truly feels for the Bachelor. The matters are only heightened when Underwood reveals he, in fact, did not get her father’s blessing on the potential engagement. Thrown by the revelation, Cassie voices her concern by admitting, “The fact that they were not 100 percent sold on Colton and I together kind of freaks me out. It makes me confused if he’s really the right person.” Dun dun dun. 

Then, the unthinkable happens: Cassie’s father makes a surprise appearance to consult his daughter about the hasty engagement. Father knows best? After sensing her confusion, he advises her, “There shouldn't be any hesitation in your mind when you meet somebody that you want to spend the rest of your life with.”

Cassie reflects upon her dad’s words and makes a final decision to forgo the overnight and send herself home.

The Aftermath

Despite the date not ending on the best note, the Bachelor remains excited for the overnight date revealing, “Cass is the one.” He truly believes tonight will be the night he finally loses his virginity. Poor Colton has no idea of the rude awakening about to unfold. 

The weeks of rumored warnings from several other contestants about women not being ready for engagement, finally come to light. Cassie blind sides Colton by telling him she “loves him” but she is not “in love” with him. Colton desperately tries to save the relationship by saying a huge Bachelor no-no: “I’m in love with you.” 

He shakes uncontrollably. He shows his patience with her. He says he’ll fight for her. But it all proves useless. 

“Were you planning on leaving tonight?” Colton asks. Sticking to her dad’s advice, Cassie nods and leaves him in shambles.

On cue, the moment happens that Bachelor Nation has been waiting not so patiently for: the fence jump. Unfortunately, Colton’s big “leap” of faith with Cassie is what causes him to abort mission.

But wait, what about Hannah G? Well, that’s left to be continued.

The Bachelor: Women Tell All airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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