Someone call the police because Colton Underwood has done the unthinkable.

Not only did he make a “jump heard around the world,” but he let go the two women who were actually in love with him. After throwing the old line “I love you, but i’m not in love with you,” Cassie left Underwood in a state of ruin. Naturally, he ripped off his mic, shoved a camera and escaped into the Portugues darkness stating, “I’m done with this.” But wait. What about Tayshia and Hannah G.? After all, he still had two women left who desired engagement at the end of the journey. “I was falling in love with Tayshia...I was falling in love with Hannah...I was in love with Cassie...Cassie shut my heart off,” he confessed. Well, Underwood made his choice — and it wasn’t pretty. Get your tissues ready, rose lovers. 

Ta ta Tayshia

First, Colton broke up with Tayshia, the only who actually got a fantasy suite.

After pulling her outside to chat, the Bachelor gets straight to the point stating, “My heart’s with someone else. I love  Cassie.”  The couple sits in utter silence for a few moments before going inside for a private conversation “away from all the cameras.” 

News flash: you are both still wearing mics! We didn’t see Colton break down in tears, but we sure heard it. The moment was heartbreaking as Tayshia stated, “I don't want to go through this. I don't want to.” Surely, she musters up enough respect for Underwood to bid him farewell with the words, “You’re a good guy.”

The episode cuts to the hot seat with Chris Harrison, as Tayshia waits to come face-to-face with Colton for the first time since the two parted ways in Portugal. To make matters worse, she had to rewatch the event unfold describing it as “difficult” and “emotional.” 

Harrison then introduces Colton (who was still not wearing a ring) for a live TV closure between the couple. 

Per usual, Tayshia was gracious and kind in her demeanor as she reveals, “You’ve taught me a lot. I just want what’s best for you.” 

After a season full of sad and blindsided goodbyes on The Bachelor, this one ranks at the top. 

Colton pulls a Cassie on Hannah

Hannah G, you’re up!

Unfortunately, she did not even get her turn in the fantasy suite. Colton completely blind sides Hannah with the same comment he gave to Tayshia, “I can’t be in love with two people.” 

Refreshingly, she was a little more defense of her feelings as she gestures toward the journal on the table. “I literally just wrote that I was in love with you, like, right there,” she confesses. Colton, beating around the bush, says, “I thought it was going to be you. You still remind me of home.” 

Poor Hannah was completely blindsided as she tearfully replies, “That’s what I do. I make everyone feel better then they don’t stick around.” She gives him one last hug and sends him off with a “good luck.” Colton, you’re gonna need it. 

The episode cuts to Hannah’s live TV closure, as she remains still in tears about the break up. Since abruptly leaving Portugal, she reveals the hardest part has been reliving the show each week, over and over. She cuts to the gist by asking Underwood, “If we would have had more time, do you think it would have been a different situation?” He brushes the question off, reiterating his feelings for Cassie again.

But a moment of reality struck when Hannah added, “What Cassie did to you is exactly what you did to me.” Silence followed.

Frankly, Colton doesn’t deserve Hannah anyway.  She builds bridges out of the ruin by revealing the self growth in her process of grief. 

Hannah finishes her interview stating, “I want someone to jump a fence for me.” Sing it, Hannah!


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