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8 edible flower recipes to try this spring

Everything around you has been pretty gray and gloomy, including your food and drink choices. But as we enter the spring season, all of that can change. Spring is the perfect season to find and use colorful and edible flowers, because by the time summer rolls around, many of them have come and gone. Check out these eight edible flower recipes to put some color back into your life:

Rosebud green tea

There are endless variations to enhance a regular cup of tea. The different pairings between a flower and a type of tea offer a distinct flavor and healing benefits. Rosebud tea eases anxiety and improves skin and moisture. It is also pleasing to the eyes and mind, putting you in a good mood for relaxation.

Spring salad

Nothing looks more appetizing than a refreshing salad mixed with vibrant greens and brilliant edible blooms. This recipe is especially easy because you just have to make a classic salad, and then add flowers throughout as a colorful garnish. Some bright and edible flowers to use include carnations, citrus blossoms, daisies, honeysuckle and lavender.

Avocado toast

Avocado toast already has a bright and tasty appearance, but adding chive flowers contributes to that springtime feeling. Chive blossoms have a light onion flavor that, when combined with the avocado, make for a delicious mix of flavor. You can add other ingredients to make it even more savory. What’s more picture-perfect than avocado toast with beautiful purple chive blossoms on top? 

Floral donuts

Floral donuts are a delicious and sweet treat perfect for spring brunch. Usually donuts can be found covered in sprinkles, powder or even Oreo crumbs, but edible flowers take toppings to a whole other level. Dip the top of any plain donut into some glaze, and while the glaze is still wet, place flower petals on top. The petals are just as colorful and tasty as sprinkles.


Seeing a flower encased in a sugary treat almost sounds too good to eat — almost. By combining melted clear candies and pressed, dried, edible flowers, you end up with a great spring party favor, or just a delicious candy for your sweet tooth. It’s a fun DIY activity you can do with your own flowers growing in the garden.

Lilac infused honey

The window of opportunity to see lilacs bloom is small, but take advantage of it by adding the blooms to your honey this spring season. Pick lilac flowers off the stem, wash them and set them out to dry completely before putting them in honey.  Let the honey and lilacs infuse for a week or longer until the desired taste is achieved. Then you can strain the honey and drizzle it over fruits or use it as a sweetener in tea or lemonade.

Edible flower ice cubes

You might not be eating these flowers, but they’re sure to add a refreshing taste to any springtime beverage. By freezing fresh blooms into ice cubes, the mesmerizing floating flowers make for a colorful drink as well. These would be perfect to have if you’re sitting out on the patio with friends and enjoying a nice spring day with flower-infused drinks in hand.

Tulip ice cream

Why choose a regular bowl to hold your ice cream when you could use a tulip? It’s a simple recipe, especially on a warm spring day. Take some tulips from your garden, cut off the tops and place a scoop of ice cream inside. An ice cream scoop fits perfectly inside the tulip. If you’re looking to jazz it up, add a couple of fresh berries and a splash of tulip syrup.


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