We are one week closer to the end of the semester, and you made it. Reward yourself by taking a break to read the fun news of the week.

iPad Problems

Everyone has accidentally disabled their phone or have a friend snatch it and do the same. A young boy tried to unlock his family’s iPad but was met with little success. The iPad was locked for more than 25 million minutes. 

Evan Osnos, the father of the three year old, asked Twitter for some advice. Some users had advice, but Osnos said that the device’s old operating system wouldn’t let him restart the device from iTunes.

Several days later, Osnos was able to restart the tablet on Tuesday by putting it in Device Firmware Update mode. This time, Osnos might keep the device’s password a secret.

Puppy Love

A week after rescuing a puppy on the job, a firefighter gave his rescue a new home.

Paul Bryant, a captain at the North Charleston Fire Department, responded to a call after a man and his son said they heard crying from under a pile of rocks. Bryant rescued the puppy, who was uninjured and brought to the Charleston Animal Society. 

The society helped the puppy get all of its vaccinations and be adoption ready. After this, Bryant requested to adopt the puppy. 

Bryant expressed his excitement in adopting the puppy in a video on the shelter’s Facebook. He named the puppy Rocky.

“This is meant to be, he’s my dog and he’s coming home with me,” Bryant said. 

A sighting in the sea

Remains of an ancient sea creature were found Wednesday in Britain. 

The creature, Sollasina Cthulhu, is believed to have lived more than 430 million years ago. It is the distant relative of both sea cucumbers and sea pigs.

The name comes from a creature from writer HP Lovecraft’s horror novels. Lovecraft’s Sollasina Cthulhu was also the inspiration for the monster seen in the Alien movies.

Sollasina Cthulhu is described as a cross between an octopus, dragon and “human caricature.” The fossil found is small in size but has tentacles resembling an octopus.

Robot Robber

After police in Oregon responded to a call about a possible burglary, they discovered that the suspect was no other than a Roomba.

According to the station’s Twitter, a woman called the police on Tuesday about someone being in her bathroom. The woman said that the door was locked, but she could see shadows underneath it. Within minutes, multiple police went to the scene.

The police heard pounding on the door when they surrounded it. Armed, the police requested that the burglar come out of the bathroom multiple times. They entered and discovered the Roomba knocking against the door.

Twitter users laughed at the incident, which was shared in a Twitter thread.