Fans of Jane The Virgin are used to the show’s twists and turns through the plot that are often upsetting and not always what the audience wants. However, with every twist and turn comes a kernel of happiness to get audiences through to the next episode. 

This week’s episode lacked the kernel. 

Last week’s episode ended with Rafael (Justin Baldoni) kicking Jane (Gina Rodriguez) out of their house because he needed space. She is now caught between her past love with Michael (Brett Dier) and her budding future with Rafael. 

Jane spends the entire episode writing down everything that happens during her day, per recommendation of her mentor, to use as material for a new book. Jane ends up saying some pretty romantic things in her notes about Michael, leading Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) to make Jane question why she’s trying so hard to get Rafael back if she’s still so in love with Michael. 

However, the biggest issue with Jane leaving is figuring out how to properly co-parent Mateo (Elias Janssen). Jane’s departure from their house has left Mateo taking Rafael’s side, and deciding to stay mad at Jane until Rafael decides he’s not mad at Jane. 

When Jane goes to Rafael and tells him to put their drama aside to focus on Mateo, Rafael claims he’s been doing just that, but has neglected to have any sort of serious conversation with Mateo about what’s going on between the two. 

As Jane’s 30th birthday rolls around, her family is set on throwing her a party to cheer her up in this difficult time. Mateo is reluctant to come with Jane, and Jane is heartbroken. 

Rafael finally sees how their break is impacting Mateo’s behavior, and sits down to have a talk with him. He explains that he has no reason to be mad at Jane, and that he always loves Jane, even when they’re figuring things out. 

“Do you still love her?” Mateo said.

“Always,” Rafael said. “We’re just figuring out the way we love each other.” 

Though the episode was mostly bad news, it ends with Jane and Mateo making up while she tells him about her day. 

Jane and Mateo may have made up, but it’s not looking like Jane and Rafael will anytime soon. With each passing episode, Jafael is being pushed further and further away. 

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