The romantic comedy genre has produced some of the funniest and feel-good films of this generation, however, the genre is so popular, sometimes the films can be too cheesy or way too overdone. Someone Great is a hilarious exception, playing on realistic ideas of relationships to make the film incredibly relatable. 

Someone Great focuses on Jenny (Gina Rodriguez), a music journalist from New York City who is offered a position with Rolling Stone magazine that requires her to move to San Francisco. Jenny has been dating Nate (LaKeith Stanfield) for nine years, until he decides he can’t handle the long distance and breaks up with her. The rest of the film revolves around Jenny and her best friends, Erin (DeWanda Wise) and Blair (Brittany Snow), trying to have one last hurrah before her move. 

There are so many great aspects about the film, but most importantly is the electric and fantastic Rodriguez. Better known for her American telenovela, Jane The Virgin, Rodriguez typically portrays the responsible and driven Jane Villanueva. Someone Great showcases just how diverse Rodriguez’s acting skills are, as Jenny is ridiculously different from Jane. Rodriguez brings such a relatable, heartbreaking and strong energy to the role of Jenny, and is yet another project proving just how incredible of an actress she is. 

Though Rodriguez is an incredible leading lady for the film, the cast has no weak links. From her co-stars, Snow and Wise, to guest appearances from Rosario Dawson and RuPaul. Snow and Wise are also incredibly vibrant and strong with their characters, and the development of the women throughout the film is one of the greatest parts to watch. Rodriguez, Snow and Wise portray a friendship people aspire to, not only because of the fun they have, but because of their realistic portrayal of what being friends is like. 

Through the structure of the plot, the audience doesn’t get to see much of the nine year relationship between Jenny and Nate. In fact, the film opens with Jenny being distraught from their breakup and explaining it to a stranger on the subway. After we get insight to what’s happening and how Jenny is feeling, the film shows a montage of their relationship that quickly makes us fall in love with the couple. Throughout the film, Jenny sees certain things that remind her of Nate, and the audience sees flashbacks from moments of their relationship. The film is extremely well organized, which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch.

Next to the greatness of the structure is the greatest of the soundtrack. Though it’s not officially released as an album, it’s easy to find playlists created by fans of the film on Spotify and Apple Music. The soundtrack is an incredible mix of music, led by Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” — the breakup song the world didn’t know it needed. The soundtrack is a lively, fun and exciting selection of music that can appeal to many different people. If people don’t have time to watch the film, listening to the soundtrack is definitely a great plan B. 

There are three dominating themes in Someone Great. The first is love and the idea that people aren’t always meant to be, but everyone comes into your life for a reason. This is extremely evident with Jenny’s college crush on Matt (Peter Vack), where if she hadn’t developed feelings for him, she would’ve never met Nate to begin with. It’s also prominent when dealing with Jenny’s attempt in moving on from Nate, and realizing how important it was that she had the experiences with him that she did. 

The second theme is the idea of friendship and nostalgia. Throughout the film, it’s easy to see the true hidden focus is actually on Jenny’s friendships with Erin and Blair. It’s a great way to show that romantic relationships will come and go, but true friendships can last a lifetime, no matter the distance or circumstance. 

The last theme is growing up and the end of eras. Jenny’s move from New York City marks the growth of her career, and herself. The upheaval of Jenny’s life is the most heartbreaking aspect about the movie, not her relationship ending with Nate. The ending of eras is something that every person has to go through at one point or another, so it’s a devastating, all-too-relatable aspect of the film.

Overall, Someone Great is a hilarious film about love, friendship and the end of an era. Unlike some romantic comedies that are fine to watch once and then never again, Someone Great hits audiences right in the heartstrings and earns a spot among some of the best rom-coms today.