We’ve seen Jane (Gina Rodriguez) make some mistakes before, but this week is one of the most embarrassing. 

Last week’s episode of Jane The Virgin ended with Jane leaving Michael (Brett Dier) for good and telling Rafael (Justin Baldoni) she wanted to be with him, only to have him tell her it was too late. 

This week, Jane focuses on finding a way to successfully co-parent with Rafael, while also trying to get back on his romantic side. After a few unfortunate stalking incidents and learning Mateo (Elias Janssen) is struggling with his reading in school, Jane and Rafael decide to better communicate to benefit Mateo. 

When Jane and Rafael help Mateo study his reading, Rafael proposes they get together alone to discuss Mateo and talk. Jane completely misreads the situation and believes Rafael is showing his feelings for her again, which leads her to overthink creating a big gesture to win him back. 

Through Jane’s struggles with Rafael and Mateo, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) asks Jane to write a proposal for his television show to make it more interesting to the producers. Jane takes on the challenge but struggles to come up with the best grand gesture to make the ending. 

That’s when she decides to blow off writing and create a grand picnic for Rafael when he’s preparing a house for its open house the next day. Only, Rafael doesn’t come to the house alone: His boss and the clients come with him, leaving Jane embarrassed and Rafael’s boss livid. 

Rafael tells Jane to stop trying to get him back because he is only interested in co-parenting, and they are officially over. 

“Maybe I wasn’t clear before, but let me be perfectly clear now,” Rafael said. “I am trying to be a good co-parent, but you and I? Jane, we are through. So you need to move on.”

Jane feels hopeless between losing Rafael and Mateo’s struggles with reading, but she helps Rogelio finish the proposal, and they create a great one. 

Though it seems Jane and Rafael can’t find the same wavelength in their romantic life, Alba (Ivonne Coll) and Jorge (Alfonso DiLuca) are finally together, after Jorge admits he was only pushing Alba away because he was afraid she’d reject him. 

Aside from Rafael and Jane, all seems right in their worlds. However, Rose’s henchman (Bridget Regan) has begun stalking Rafael and becoming close friends with Luisa (Yara Martinez), so in typical Jane The Virgin fashion, the audience shouldn’t get their hopes up about a happy ending anytime soon.

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