So many storylines are happening on this week’s installment of Jane The Virgin, but for once, the main focus wasn’t on Jafael.

Last week’s episode ended with Jane (Gina Rodriguez) deciding to explore her feelings for Michael (Brett Dier), which left Rafael (Justin Baldoni) heartbroken. The episode also showed Jane reconnecting with Mateo (Elias Janssen) after he was mad at Jane for hurting Rafael’s feelings.

This week’s episode takes a break from the dramatic interactions between Rafael and Jane, and instead focuses on Michael and Jane’s relationship along with Petra (Yael Grobglas) and Jane’s friendship. 

Jane is helping Michael try to figure out why Rose (Bridget Regan) fried his memories, and it brings around the exploration of their relationship before he died. Jane finds out that Michael was still working with the police force to track Sin Rostro, or Rose, after he left the police force. 

After the two argue about that, Michael admits to Jane that he only left the police force in the first place because she was uncomfortable with it. This leads the two to wonder whether or not their relationship was actually as perfect as they remember it. They both acknowledge the fact that they’ve changed a lot and are very different people than they were four years ago — possibly too different to be together at all.

“The truth is, we’ll never know what we could be while we’re in Miami, surrounded by the ghosts of our past,” Michael said. 

Michael then decides to invite Jane to Montana for a few days, so she can see the life he’s been living for the past four years. Jane accepts his offer, which is very unlike her.

Another great plotline the show is continuing with this season is Petra’s growing friendship with Jane. After seasons of on-and-off fighting, the two finally realize they’re each other’s best — and only — friends. The two spend the entire episode bickering about how to take care of Rafael, who was seen by their three children taking antidepressants. 

When Petra tells Jane this, they get into a fight about why Jane won’t just get back together with Rafael and leave Michael, and Jane explains to Petra that as her best friend, she has to be supportive of her choices. Petra and Jane make up, and share one of the cutest and most accurate club dancing scenes ever.

This episode is great for fans of Petra and Jane’s friendship but certainly a step in the wrong direction for Jafael shippers. Michael and Jane fans, however, are extremely excited about the news.

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