It’s only week two of The Bachelorette and the journey for love is already turning into a roller coaster of emotions. Episode two showcased men in speedos, some not-so impressive roller skating skills and contestants that are already “falling in love.” Hannah is finally letting her guard down, which may or may not be in her favor as red flags are beginning to emerge left and right. From party crashing to arguable intentions, the season has man-drama written all over it… and it’s sizzling hot. 

First Date Fashion Show

The first group date revved up the competition as the men catwalked their way into Hannah’s heart. Hannah is looking for someone who’s going to “step up” and “show up,” which only means one thing in her world: Beauty pageant. 

First up, the men made their stage debut in speedo attire. “Magic” Mike shared some impressive twerking skills, John Paul Jones captured the crowd with a very majestic hair flip and Luke P. flaunted his perfectly sculpted 12-pack abs. 

Next up, talent. Some chose to highlight their strengths, some chose to highlight their humor. There was John Paul Jones on the unicycle… Jed’s angelic voice… and Luke confessing his love? Despite only briefly knowing Hannah, Luke expressed his feelings by stating, “I’m already falling in love with you.” Insert: red flag.

Alas, Hannah B. loved the vulnerability and crowned him “Mr. Right.” 

Tyler Gets The First One-On-One

Hannah chose Tyler G. to accompany her on the first one-on-one of the season. The two fly off in a very appropriately timed helicopter ride outside the mansion. The other men wave goodbye from below and then create some diss tracks on Jed’s guitar. 

The couple continued the date with muddy four wheeling — making Hannah’s all-white ensemble very questionable.

However, it was refreshing to see Hannah let her guard down around Tyler, something she was unable to do with Colton. At dinner, Tyler confessed his gratitude by stating, “I feel like the luckiest guy in the universe.” On cue, he snags the date rose. 

The Derby Dudes Derby

It’s no secret that Hannah is hardcore. Inevitably, the second group date was a body-slamming activity.

The men competed in The Bachelorettes Derby Dudes Derby — a series of pushing, falling and flailing bodies around the rink. Hopefully, the guys are more graceful with their feelings than they are on roller skates. 

The green team won and celebrated by drinking champagne out of the roller skate trophy. Classy. 

After not being invited on a single date, Cam decided to crash the cocktail party later in the evening to stop over “Hannah-lyzing.” Simply put, his bold gesture backfired and certainly created more harm than good. The men immediately viewed the imposing as an act of disrespect and were not shy about sharing their feelings. 

Before the final rose ceremony, Cam stirs the pot even more by creating some chicken-nugget drama with Kevin when he awkwardly interrupts his moment with Hannah. 

Surprisingly, he received a rose. 


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