Pack your bags, boys: it’s time for some New England charm. First destination of choice? Newport, Rhode Island. With the contestant pool rounding down to 15, Bachelor Nation has established a few key observations: Luke P. is a total psychopath; Tyler C. is even dreamier than his blue eyes; and John Paul Jones is here for the sole purpose of eating chicken nuggets. With every episode, the man drama seems to be spreading like wildfire as the villains begin their malicious ways (*cough* Luke P.). 

The only group date of the week amped up the competition with a nice, friendly game of rugby. The guys were told to put their “blood, sweat and tears” into the game for Hannah’s heart. Let’s just say they took that quite literally … Kevin left in an ambulance with a dislocated shoulder, and a few body slams turned into The Battle of the Lukes. Luke P. body slamed Luke S. and claimed it was out of “self defense.” Hmm. If only Hannah had asked the production crew to see the instant replay. Newsflash: it was all caught on camera! 

The rest of the episode was a string of he-said, he-said drama that turns into a body slam of confessions as all the guys began to reveal their negative opinions about Luke P. to Hannah. However, for some reason, it seems she will keep Luke P. around for quite some time. You are aren't fooling anyone, buddy — except for Hannah, that is. 

Enough about Luke P., let’s talk about Tyler C., who is an absolute DREAM. Before the one-on-one, Hannah confesses she is “not all right today” and is stuck within an emotional state from the night prior. Sorry, sweetie: production is on a tight schedule, and the show must go on. However, a pair of dreamy eyes and wholesome intentions from Tyler picked her mood up instantly. 

He wiped her tears and lifted the pressure by telling her, “I want you at your highs, and I want you in your lows … I want to be the man next to you at the end of this.” Tyler was insistent on the two having a good day together and “getting her back at ease.” As they continued their lobster fishing date, there was an undeniable chemistry between the two. Inevitably, he snagged a rose at the end of the night. 

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