When Chris Harrison declares every season as “the most dramatic season yet,” Bachelor Nation instinctively rolls their eyes — but this time, he wasn’t kidding. The week picked up with a glistening hope that Luke P. might finally be going home. After a very dragging and frustrating one-on-one between the two, Hannah explained she “can’t give him a rose” and sends him home. But of course, things are not that simple. Luke walks away into the night, returns to the mansion and manipulates Hannah into letting him stay (without a rose). 

Once Luke P. gets back with the other contestants, the web of lies continues and sets of a grenade of drama throughout the house. Unfortunately, the episode turned into an hour-long segment of yelling (and tears) as the weeks begin to blend together with never-ending drama. 

Following the frustrating cocktail party, Hannah decides to give Luke P. a rose and explains to the remaining men: “I don’t want to feel the way I did tonight.” News flash: that probably won’t happen with Luke around. 

Hannah and the contestants reunite in Latvia but with the Bachelorette questioning whether or not she will find love on the show. Suddenly, the episode resumes with Chris Harrison and Hannah back in Los Angeles as they “get to the bottom of things” and try to restore hope in the journey. Although the episode is void of dates and mostly focused on past confrontations, it was refreshing to close the episode with smiles from Hannah as she decides: “I’m not giving up ... I’m going to see this through to the very end.”  

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