Grab your kilts, rose lovers… it’s time for Scotland. Hannah Brown (aka “Mary Queen of Scots”) resumed her journey on last weeks drama between the Lukes’ and finished the long-awaited rose ceremony that certainly raised some eyebrows. Somehow, someway John Paul Jones has been eliminated before Luke P. Gulp. He may have received a rose but serious shade has been thrown, lines have been majorly crossed and the rest of the men (and Bachelor Nation) are royally pissed. 

Aside from the man-drama, the remaining contestants are going international this week, with some already “ready to get down on one knee.” Here are some highlights from episode five of The Bachelorette:

One-on-one with Mike

The moment Bachelor Nation has been waiting ever-so patiently for has finally come… a  one-on-one with Mike. He has certainly been the voice of reason amidst all the drama and finally took his chance to open up with Hannah. The couple spent their date whiskey tasting around town and shared some sour faces while trying Scottish candies. 

The chemistry was undeniable and carried on into the evening. But after a heartbreaking split with his ex, Mike has cold feet about his feelings; however, he can’t deny his love for Hannah. “I can see myself getting down on one knee in a few weeks… If I’m ever so lucky,” confesses Mike. Obviously, Hannah was gushing and hands him a rose to end the night. 

Love is a battlefield

Let the games begin. The lads put their love to the test and took on the Highland Games. The group date consisted of throwing axes, running milk buckets and wrestling in kilts — without underwear, might I add. “I saw all the bagpipes,” states Hannah. 

After a few blushful moments of watching the men wrestle, the group reunited for the cocktail party. Let’s just say, things got steamy… with Jed… and Pilot Pete… and Tyler C. The Bachelorette surely was not holding back on her fair share of not-so-discreet makeout sessions. But Lady Hannah ends up giving her Lord Jed the group rose at the end of the night. 

Without the Luke-ness Monster around, it was refreshing to see Hannah and the men finally at ease and enjoying a night free of the usual drama.

Deadlocked with the Luke-ness Monster

Just when you think things couldn’t possibly get any worse with Luke P., they do. He snags a one-on-one that is not within good merit, but instead for Hannah to “figure things out… one way or another.” Already skating on very thin ice, Luke’s fate already seemed sealed as Hannah speculates.

“He doesn’t always express his emotions… He seems like he’s trying to be perfect and it comes off really fake,” she said.

The facade certainly raised red flags for the Bachelorette who is trying to be everything but so. For some reason, she can’t let go even when all the signs are there. How relatable.

“I want to be able to send him home just like I’ve sent home every other guy that’s pissed me off… But I can’t,” she confesses. Week five ends on a cliffhanger, with the Luke-ness monster in scorching hot water.

Will Hannah finally send him swimming or will she continue to make excuses? We’ll find out next week in Latvia. 


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