Well, friends, the episode audiences have been dreading is finally here: the series finale of Jane The Virgin

Last week’s episode ended with Rose (Bridget Regan) dying, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) getting a $500,000 book deal for the novel about her and her family, and Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) deciding to move to New York City. 

With all of the series conflicts pretty much being solved, there were three more things audiences needed in the finale: to find out who the narrator is, who Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) birth parents are and to see the wedding between Jane and Rafael. 

This week, wedding bells are ringing, and Jane and Rafael are finally getting married. The episode starts with Luisa (Yara Martinez) finding Rafael’s birth parents and Jane telling Rafael who they are. They were just normal people who owned a bakery and died in a car accident. Rafael is a little sad but relieved they are normal and that he finally has the answers he always needed. 

The episode also shows Jane focusing more on perfecting her novel than working on her vows for the wedding. Jane has to send her novel to a group of authors for reviews, but she isn’t completely sure about her ending. However, when she finally finds the perfect ending to her novel, she’s already sent it in and can’t physically drive the flash drive to the printing press.

Rafael, however, decides it’s time for one more romantic gesture, and he takes the flash drive to the printer. He’s able to make it before the novel is sent to the group of authors, so everything seems OK. But when Rafael tries to leave the printer building, he can’t get the barrier to open for his car to drive away. So instead of trying to call for help, he drives right through the barrier, breaking it, and ends getting arrested. 

Jane decides she has to be the one to bail him out because it would be more romantic that way. So when she finds herself with no car and no taxi, she pays a bus driver and all of its passengers to drive her to the police station and then to her wedding. 

As it turns out, Rafael called J.R. (Rosario Dawson) the night before the wedding, and Petra (Yael Groblas) is completely surprised when she shows up. The two share an intimate moment and decide to get back together, curing Petra’s lovesickness. 

The wedding party shows up, and Alba (Ivonne Coll) is ready to officiate the marriage of Jane and Rafael. The wedding is beautiful, underneath the tree where they first kissed and where they got back together this season. During the wedding, Mateo (Elias Janssen) and the twins do a reading, and Mateo does a great job. When Jane congratulates him, it is revealed that the future, older Mateo is actually the narrator and has been for the entire show. 

Jane and Rafael are unable to read their vows without crying, so they read them silently with one another. Alba performs a beautiful ceremony, and the two happily kiss, enjoying every second.

“Because your journey has had more twists and turns than a telenovela,” Alba said. “But, through it all, you fought for each other and made sure that you ended up here, now, exactly where you are destined to be.”

The episode certainly ties a lot of loose ends but also gives us some great moments. Rogelio gets the American fame he’s always dreamed of; Rafael calls Rogelio ‘dad,’ one last night before Xiomara moves, and the show ends with Jane, Xiomara and Alba all together at Alba’s house; and the scene is complete with a lot of flashbacks from important events that took place in Alba’s house. 

Right before the episode ends, Rafael and Jane are relaxing, enjoying each other in wedded bliss, and he asks her about the end of her novel. 

“So I never asked you, what happens at the end of your book?”

“They make it into a telenovela,” Jane said. 

“Well who would want to watch that?” Rafael said, jokingly. 

And with that, Jane winks into the camera, and the narrator types “The End.” 

The episode is a nice, fulfilling way to end the series, and fans should look forward to the spinoff, Jane The Novela



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