Ohio University was ranked as one of the top 385 colleges Tuesday by college-prep service The Princeton Review, but it was also ranked as a school with some of the least accessible professors.

The Princeton Review releases yearly college rankings, including 62 lists that are entirely based on student input. Each college gets a score for its students’ answers similar to a GPA, which allows The Princeton Review to compare colleges, according to its website.

OU was ranked by students as the 12th worst college on the list of schools with the “least accessible professors.” The only other Ohio school on the list was the University of Cincinnati at No. 10, and the University of Kentucky was ranked at No. 1.

The 140,000 students who answered the 84-question survey ranked their satisfaction with how their school performs in certain categories from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” The surveyed categories included “Most Beautiful Campus,” "Best Health Services" and “Most Politically Active Students,” among others.

In the top 385 colleges list, the schools are not ranked numerically. Only the individual lists rank the top 20.



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