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Netflix's ‘Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly’ gives insight into the rapper's life. (Photo via @NetflixSA on Twitter)

Film Review: Travis Scott drops his barriers, exudes good energy in ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’

The life of Travis Scott has always proved to be somewhat of a mystery to his fans. Though he is open about his music and his message, he maintains an elusive state for most of his personal life. 

That’s why when Netflix announced they were releasing a Travis Scott documentary, Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly, fans and mere listeners alike were excited to see Scott behind the scenes, and the documentary does not disappoint. 

Through his interactions with fans, where he brings them on stage or gives them gifts at his shows, it’s really easy to see how humbled Scott is to be in the position of stardom he’s achieved. The footage shows his humble upbringing and really lets the audience in on how much Scott appreciates his life. 

Though the documentary is interesting, the structure of it is odd. Sometimes it’s structured around certain people, sometimes it’s structured around what year it is, and other times it’s structured around a specific event. The flow of the film can get confusing, however, the footage makes up for the convoluted structure.

The structure is at its best when it provides parallels from Scott’s childhood and his daughter Stormi’s childhood. In addition to the intimate moments with Stormi, the documentary shows extremely private moments between Scott and his partner, Kylie Jenner, and between his family members and friends. It’s refreshing to see Scott interacting with the people he’s close to, especially since his persona only shows his tough side.

It’s interesting to see Scott be so specific with his music. Everything from each lyric, bass drop, collaboration, light and special effect has to be perfect or else it won’t do. 

Scott and the documentary excel when they reveal his creative process. The moments are all too fleeting, but when he’s with his friends and coworkers in the studio, you see Scott transform and completely come alive. His levels of excitement, focus on his work, praise for other artists he collaborates with and his pure love of what he’s doing is electric, and it can’t help but make the audience smile. 

The documentary isn’t the best, but it does enough to tell Scott’s story. It perfectly exemplifies who he is as a person, and gives his fans a deeper look into his private life. Scott is an extremely hard worker—that’s clear from his music—but he’s also a fun and humble man who is beyond proud of the work he puts into the world. Nonetheless, whether you’re a Scott fan or not, it’s a good documentary to watch, solely for the cool concert footage and inside scoop of his life.


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