A lot comes to mind when the name Jordan Peele comes up these days. He’s pursued writing, producing and directing to associate himself and his talents with a lot of fields in television and cinema. However, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t immediately think of Key & Peele when the name is brought up. While his days in comedy were and still are great to look back on, it seems to be following him more like a curse now.

Even with his directorial debut, Get Out, there was a lot of confusion about whether the film was a comedy movie, even with its dramatic marketing. After its release, it was still being misinterpreted by viewers, going so far as to be classified as a comedy film by the Golden Globes. It was clear fans were having a hard time separating the man from the genre in which they came to know him.

Us, on the other hand, is the film that made sure no one was confused. From the first trailer, this film was hyped up to be a horror masterpiece. And while it was as close to perfect as a film can be, it was scary in the uncomfortable sense. Thriller is the more appropriate word for the film, as it crawls under the skin in the best way possible. It’s hard to take a deep breath or sit back during the film, which means it’s doing its job.

The thought and care put into the plot, the imagery, the set design and the cinematography are all top notch and planned out in this beautifully meticulous style Peele is surely looking to claim. 

The actors all give amazing performances as well. It’s particularly stunning when comparing their normal personas to their doppelgangers called the Tethered.

From start to finish, Us is an absolute roller coaster of a movie that dares viewers to try to understand what’s going on. Among being as unsettling as it possibly can, it longs for viewers to interpret it in less fictional senses and more real-world ideas.

When most movies take that approach, it often fails or doesn’t catch the attention from audiences. But Peele makes sure to deliver certain messages he’s trying to convey through a popular and comfortable medium average moviegoers are familiar with.

With that sophomore outing as a director, Peele is paving his path an amazing creator outside the world of comedy. Us is one of those films that will be remembered if not just for the premise alone. The way he crafts the story absorbs every ounce of attention, but also leaves much up to interpretation. Someone could probably watch the movie five times over, if you can stomach that, and catch onto new things that had gone unnoticed before.

Now with two films under his belt as a director, Peele has the unique opportunity of drawing in a vast array of viewers, from his comedy days to fans he’s picked up now. It’s easy to trust him as an artist, and even easier after seeing his current work. He truly is a man of many talents and is proving to be a prolific director. Not to mention the fact that he has the capacity to go even further and get even crazier with future projects, now that he’s starting to earn the trust of filmgoers.

It really is time to stop associating the name Jordan Peele only with comedy.

Jackson Horvat is a sophomore studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Do you agree? Tell Jackson by tweeting him at @horvatjackson.