Uptown Athens is not necessarily ideal for shopping—let alone thrift shopping. To find great deals, one might have to venture away from Court Street. Here are some options for thrifting, Athens-style:

10 West Clothing Co.

One store uptown that calls itself “thrift” is 10 West Clothing Co., 10 W Union St. 10 West offers cheap options for thrifted clothing. The store also offers gently used name brand items for a much cheaper price, and its clothing often sports Athens or school pride. Look through their sidewalk sale rack for deals less than $5.

New-To-You Thrift Shoppe

New-To-You Thrift Shoppe, 90 Columbus Road, is a thrift store that serves every need. New-To-You offers men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, along with furniture, jewelry, vinyl records and much more. New-To-You is also a non-profit organization owned by the Athens County Foster Parent Association. 

ReUse Thrift Store

Part of the non-profit, ReUse Industries, ReUse Thrift Store, 751 W Union St., offers a variety of items. With garments for prices under a dollar, ReUse Thrift Store houses an excellent and affordable collection of second-hand workwear, casual and dress clothing. ReUse Thrift is also unique in that it often carries donated pre-owned craft supplies, such as paint and yarn. ReUse Thrift also has furniture, household products and other items.


Though part of a chain, the Athens Goodwill, 175 Columbus Road, is always a solid choice when thrift-shopping. Goodwill carries a variety of items that are well-organized and constantly changing. Clothing is plentiful and inexpensive, cheap furniture is always available and houseware is easy to find. The Athens Goodwill has a rewards program and tracks points by use of debit card. It also has daily tag discounts, as well as 50% off all items, excluding new items and furniture, on the first Tuesday of every month.

These stores are just some of the cheap, simple options nearby. One can look in most antique stores and find deals on items like jewelry and clothing, as well, or in discount stores such as Label Shopper and Gordmans on East State Street. Though thrifting may be trendy, and some may want the “thrifted” look, it is also a way to be fashionable on a budget, which most college students can readily relate to. 



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