Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) try to find a way to send the ghosts back to hell on Thursday’s episode of Supernatural. If you couldn’t watch the episode live, here’s what you missed:

Multiple fan favorites are back to help contain the ghosts

In last week's episode, Sam, Dean, Cas (Misha Collins) and Jack/Belphagor (Alexander Calvert) build a force field around a town to help contain the 2-3 billion ghosts that escaped from Hell.

This week’s episode picks right up where last season left off, with Sam and Dean posing as  as FBI agents and evacuating the town to the high school, based off a benzene leak, which is total BS.

The audience sees a plethora of fan-favorite characters this episode. Sam and Dean call in Rowena (Ruth Connell) to help send the ghosts back to hell. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) makes a handy appearance with tools he stole from British Men of Letters, including a gun that fires iron flakes, extracting ghosts without harming the human. Kevin (Osric Chau) is one of the ghosts that escaped from Hell because Chuck (Rob Benedict) never put his soul in Heaven. At the end of the episode, Kevin walks out of the force field to roam Earth as a ghost, which beats being tortured in Hell. 

Throughout the episode, the writers were trying to make Rowena and Ketch a thing, which felt unnatural and uncomfortable. The flirting felt off and the jokes that were meant to be sexy didn’t land right. 

Rowena builds a soul bomb

Rowna builds a bomb that traps all the souls. She did it in season 11 when Dean tried to blow himself up in front of Amara (Emily Swallow). The bombs traps all the episode’s major ghosts, including Jack the Ripper (Lane Davies).

At the end of the episode, more ghosts rain down on the force field, which is weakening and the bomb can’t hold all the souls. 

God visits Amara

Chuck makes a random appearance to Amara. The audience hasn’t seen Amara since season 11, so the dynamic is refreshing to see but odd and uncharacteristic for the season’s plot. 

Through the various scenes, Amara figures out Chuck needs something, presumably help with his injured shoulder thanks to Dean. Chuck can’t leave Earth without her help, but Amara tells him, “You’re trapped, diminished, abandoned.” So I guess you got what you’ve always wanted: You’re on your own.”

When Chuck touches his shoulder and flinches, Sam flinches. This probably means that the two are now connected and if Sam wants to kill God, Sam could get hurt. 

There’s a hint of Destiel 

Dean is angry about Chuck and the “biggest scam in history.” Cas tells Dean he’s angry too, but he’s comfortable knowing that he lived his life his own way. Dean tells him to shove it and says that nothing about their lives is real. Cas delivers a one-liner about one thing that he thinks is real: “We are.” Dean leaves, but the audience is convinced that there’s a future between Dean and Cas.

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