The weeks of the semester have moved by too quickly. We get so stuck in a routine that we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the people and places that mean the most to us. 

As the holiday season and end of the semester approaches, The Post staff has reflected on the past semester. We assembled a list of just some of the many people, places and things we are thankful for: 

We are thankful for all the Baker Center custodians who clean our newsroom no matter how messy we get. The newsroom remodel may have gotten rid of the musty smell. They are the ones who tolerated our mess all these years and still clean up after us.

We are thankful for the staff at The Athens Messenger, who work in the early hours of the day to make sure our paper make it printed and to the stands every week. Thank you for tolerating us missing deadlines or forgetting to send a page of the paper. 

We are thankful for The Post Alumni Society, a dedicated group of former Posties who want to help us out no matter how long it has been since they graduated. The members take the time to have Google Hangouts with staff members, help fund the paper and plan an amazing alumni reunion every year. 

We are thankful for the E.W Scripps School of Journalism and the School of Visual Communication for teaching us the skills we need to know to practice at The Post. We are thankful for our advisors and professors who are always willing to offer guidance and support when we need it.

We are thankful for our favorite Athens food and coffee spots that provide us with fuel to make it through the late night while we work to put together the paper every week. We appreciate the late night food delivery, like Insomnia Cookies, who help us make it through the night, and early morning coffee, like Brenen’s Coffee Cafe, to help us make through class the next day. 

We are thankful for our business manager Andrea Lewis. She was hired at the end of last year and has transformed The Post’s budget in just a semester. Without her, we would not have had our newsroom remodel, a trip to Washington, D.C. for the National News Media Conference or even a print edition. 

We are thankful for our parents, friends, roommates and significant others, who put up with our weird hours of work and support our goals (even if they sometimes don’t fully understand our major). They are there for us through our triumphs, complaints or just be someone to talk to on our walk home from the newsroom. 

We are thankful for the newest and oldest members of The Post. The new members bring in fresh energy and excitement to the newsroom. The older Posties use their experience to guide other staff members to be the best they can be. We have loved seeing everyone grow from the start of their time at The Post and excited to see how they will continue. Each staff member gives us hope for the future of journalism and The Post.

Lastly, we would like to thank our readers. Without you picking up our weekly tabloid or sharing our stories on social media, our paper would not be able to continue. We appreciate hearing your feedback, both positive and negative, and the fact that you take the time to read our work that we put so much effort into every week.

Ellen Wagner is a senior studying journalism at Ohio University and the editor-in-chief of The Post. Have questions? Email Ellen at or tweet her @ewagner19.