College is a time-consuming responsibility for students. Between classes, extracurriculars and trying to take care of yourself, it can be difficult to find free time for activities that you enjoy. Sometimes, retail therapy is the perfect remedy for a stressed-out mind. Although there are many websites for online shopping, here are seven affordable websites to get your online shopping kick:


Zaful is the first name that should come to mind when thinking about online shopping. Ads for Zaful pop up everywhere from Instagram and Facebook to Snapchat and Twitter. But for those of you who haven’t heard of Zaful, their website is full of cute clothes for affordable prices. 

They’re always getting exciting new arrivals, and are always having huge sales. The site contains men and women’s fashion, activewear, accessories, swimwear and, most importantly, a section for greener fashion which includes their mission of sustainability. For comparison, women’s sweaters typically range from $13.99 to $21.99. 


thredUP is the world’s largest online thrift store where people can buy and sell clothes. The site focuses on women and children mostly, with sections for maternity, designer, plus-sized women and sales. thredUP also has an online style quiz you can take and receive a Goody Box filled with hand-picked items for you. You can create your own Goody Box, or you can choose from one of their themed boxes. There is also a selection of Style Icons who choose their favorite selections and act as a style role-model for people to shop from. For comparison, women’s sweaters typically range from $7.99 to $19.99. 


Who doesn’t love Target? Their clothes are affordable, and they sell way more than just clothes. However, if you want to get your Target fix without leaving the house, you can shop from their online selection. Their clothes are more expensive than Zaful and thredUP, but they have better quality clothing for their prices. Target sells clothes for all genders, ages and sizes, along with a wide selection of activewear, swimwear and underwear. For comparison, women’s sweaters typically range from $22 to $34. 


ASOS is a British online fashion retailer that has a wide range of styles. Shoppers can choose to shop in specific genders, sizes, brands or trends. Currently, the website is featuring a “modern heritage” trend with a lot of vintage and bold patterned pieces. There are also marketplace sections for shoppers to browse, with over 700 boutiques. The top two featured now are vintage and ‘90s grunge. This online shop is more expensive than the rest, but also offers a wide selection and quality clothing. For comparison, women’s sweaters typically range from $26 to $103. 

Old Navy

Old Navy is definitely making a comeback. Check out their website filled with sales, discounts and all the latest fashion trends. Old Navy is one of those special places with clothes for all ages, genders and sizes, including maternity clothes. The brand is a constant winner, keeping up with trends while also carrying practical clothes. For a new pair of jeans or a plain T-shirt, Old Navy will have you covered. For a gorgeous dress and a nice new sweater, Old Navy also has you covered. For comparison, women’s sweaters typically range from $15 to $40.  

New Look

New Look is a British online retailer featuring clothes for men, women and also girls. New Look features a lot of sales, gifts and vegan clothing, which are completely animal-free. The website also has a section for maternity, petite, tall and curvy. There’s also a Christmas gifting section for shoppers that includes themed clothes as well as knick-knacks. For comparison, women’s sweaters typically range from $12.99 to $29.99.


ROMWE is a website featuring the hottest trends in fashion. ROMWE is very similar to Zaful, by featuring a lot of clothes for 20 to 40-year-olds. There are separate sections for women and men, and both feature a wide variety of options. The website also features shoes, bags, other accessories, sleepwear, and specific brand items such as Powerpuff Girls clothing. For comparison, women’s sweaters typically range from $12.95 to $25.95.